not many roots left...what now?

mommy115(9)July 24, 2012

My phaleonopsis finished blooming so I thought I would see what was in the tightly packed sphagnum that it came in. I feel it was too packed to be healthy. When I gently pulled out the moss I found it had only 2 roots that might make it and one is questionable. There is one little 'nub' of a new root trying to develop. I cut out the rotten and dried up roots. I have had loosely packed sphagnum in my other orchid and it is doing great so I prefer to stay with sphagnum. Now, with so few roots do I water it the same, keep it more moist, or what. In other words, is there anything I should do differently until it gets more roots. ty

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I had one like that at one time, what I did was move it to the smallest pot I could find, it was only about 1 & 1/2 inches across, placed a small amount of sphagnum very loosely in the pot and watered it when the sphagnum became crispy on top. It's now in a 3 inch pot with tons of roots. It also only had one leaf when I originally transplanted it. Came back great but took a whole year.


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ty. I'm going to do that! :)

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