Some Orchid Problems

georgetooJuly 16, 2010

Pics 1,2 & 3 Epicatt "Charlie Brown" Do I have a problem here? Is this rot?

Pic 4 is a NOID catt with large white flowers and good fragrance. It may be a species. It was grown in a hanging basket and I would not have bought it but large white fragrant catts are rare in this market. My question is will I hurt it to repot it at this time. It has 3 new pbs about 5" long.

Pic 5 is a big box net NOID that I brought down in 2007. This year it put out 2 sheaths which are yellowing and empty. My question is will it do any harm to repot at this time?

Pic 6 MTDM 'Scent of a Woman' Throw in an onc problemj. I have been calling the spotting on the leaves sunburn. I can't see any appreciable difference in the last month.

Would an onc grower comment please.

Pic 7 for the heck of it...Only catt bloomer in my house at this time.

TIA george

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Just a fast comment. George, except in an amergency, always try to repot orchids at the time when they are putting out a flush of new roots. They will reestablish more quickly at that time. With some orchids, notably bifoliate Catts, you can actually kill the plant by repotting at other phases in their growth cycle.

Is the spotting on the Miltonidium only on older leaves, or are new leaves getting it too?

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CJ thanks for your input. The white is a bifoliate and I'll be waiting for the next flush of roots even though the medium is pretty decomposed.

The miltonidium shows NO spotting on the new leaves. Thanks again there as I should have checked that myself. Logical.

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