kirstylouJuly 2, 2010

Hi guys,

My Phalenopsis has just starting sprouting at the base 3 or so green shoots, however they seem to be heading into the moss rather than out to grow a new stem.... do i encourage it to grow up?

link to picture here..... comments please? as this is my first orchid growing :)



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philohela(z8 Las Vegas)

To my eye, those appear to be roots, so you would want them to grow down into the pot.

I love to see new roots, to me it means happy plant!

Good growing.

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Those are definitely roots. Leave them be, don't try to encourage them to do anything. They'll naturally plunge into the potting mix, assuming the conditions are appropriate.

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I'd say now is the perfect time to re-pot that phal. Your spagnum moss is old looking and could be harboring any number of pathogens! I'd pour a cup or so of hydrogen peroxide through the moss and let it sit an hour before repotting. Need any advice on any of this?

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Andrew, WELCOME to our Forum!

I noticed that you registered on this forum on July 7, 2010. Please, introduce yourself. What is your experience, please?


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kirstylou, WELCOME to our Forum!

Thanks for starting this thread. Your foto contribution is outstanding! Keep coming back!!


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Hey Stitz!
Thanks for the welcome. Actually it's a welcome back! I used to post here a few years ago, don't remember the name I used though.
I started growing orchids 5 years ago, went on a crazy buying spree over 2 days at an orchid show in Oregon. I had never looked at an orchid before, and now I had to figure out how to grow over 50. (I had just bought a new house and had to fill the windowsills) I ended up loosing a couple but most survived. After a year or so, I started growing solely under lights in my garage. By this time I had a hundred or so orchids, and was still buying mini species. I was working at Intel at the time, and found some extra time to work part time at Clackamas Orchids in Canby, Or. By the time I moved to Missouri two years ago I had a couple hundred orchids in 6 different seperate light and climate zones. All went to friends and David at Clackamas Orchids.
Now I have 8 orchids, two in the windowsill and the rest under lights in a 40gal aquarium. I only started growing again 6 months ago, and am looking to expand my collection with the knowledge gained from growing in Oregon. Two words: species and mini. I guess thats about it, concerning orchids! I look forward to corresponding and learning from you all!

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Thanks for your update and WELCOME BACK!

Please, send me a PM. I'm interested in your impressions of Clackamas. Thanks,


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