Brassia care

bea(9a FL)July 18, 2014

Still consider myself pretty new to orchids so need advice on braccias. I love their looks so would like to get one. I have researched their care online but would rather hear from you guys. Online info isn't always realistic as to day to day care. Thanks

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Bea, they are easy, the only difficulty some people have is that the plants appear healthy but refuse to flower.

Are you thinking of the species or hybrids?

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bea(9a FL)

Arthur I don't know. I grow catts, oncidium and phals. I just think brassia flowers are fascinating. What do you recommend?

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

I love brassia's. I've got one in bud right now. The name is Brs. Edva Loo 'Nishda' This one has a big flower. Up to 18" from top to bottom. Grow them like your other orchids if they are doing good. Brassia is in the oncidium alliance. I use a product on all my orchids. The biggest difference was with the brassias. Magi-cal. A magnesium, calcium formula. But all plants improved with it.

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bea(9a FL)

Thx Shavedmonkey. My oncidium (the first orchid I ever got years ago) blooms every year and has grown quite a bit over the years so i must be doing something right. Will try it. Any particular brassia nursery you recommend?

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I have 2 brassias and have found that they need bright light, but most of all lots of water, meaning try to water your brassia at least twice a week if not more.

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

I have bought some from Odom's in Fort Pierce Florida. It has been a while. Not sure what they have now. They can be found. They are quite a show. Multiple spikes makes quite a statement. Need to let the plants get big for that to happen. The spikes are hard to notice early. Frequently they surprise me with the spike 6 or 8 inches out. Hard to see them when they are just starting. They will last about 2 weeks in peak bloom. It takes several days to open. Worth watching...

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Easy to grow. Mine blooms 2x a year. I grow it in bright light, hanging under a tree. Lots of water but mine is in an open basket. You need to adjust watering to your growing conditions and light.

You appear to live in Florida. The best deals on orchids is to attend any orchid shows in your area. Odoms brings plants to our (Sarasota) show as well as Venice and Tampa.

You should consider joining your local Orchid Society. Its fun and they always sell orchids or raffle them off for almost nothing.

Best way to buy orchids is through the Clubs or shows.


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