Den anosmum

ron_tacomaJuly 12, 2010

I have an anosmum that is producing keikis. In my research I find keikis are produced if the growing eyes are damaged. I want flowers not babies. should I just pinch them off. These keikis are getting bigger. I was thinking on taking the keikis off 2 of the larger hanging pseudobulbs and let the 2 smaller pseudobulbs grow the keikis. It flowered two years in a row but this is the first time I have gotten babies.

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My D. anosmum has always made keikis like crazy and also put out growths from the base of each cane where the eyes are. I let the keikis grow for a few years then cut them off and attach them to another part of the mount, it makes and interesting display.

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Thanks Meg. I will let them set and watch.

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