Using horse manure, still considered organic?

hollyhocks(zone 5 Ohio)October 20, 2007

Question: Would using composted horse, alpaca, chicken or cow manure from local farms still be considered gardening organic if I don't know if they give their animals hormones or antibiotics? Are hormones, vaccines and antibiotics a no no in the organic world (or is that just when eating the flesh)? I'm sure they must vaccinate their animals and sometimes use antibiotics on their livestock. If so is the composted manure considered organic?

thanks for any enlightenment,


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Demeter(z6 NJ)

Yes, it's still organic. All that stuff gets broken down in the composting process.

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hollyhocks(zone 5 Ohio)


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The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has this to say about manures, "Livestock manures may be used without restriction on crops not for human consumption. Sewage sludge is prohibited in any form. Unless composted manure meets the definition of the USDA-NOP, (7CFR 205.203 (c)(2), it is considered to be "raw or aged manure" and must be applied and incorporated according to restrictions in 7CFR 205.203(c)(1) for crops for human consumption. These restrictions require 120 days between application and harvest, for crops where the edible portion has contact with the ground, and a 90 day interval when the edible portion of the crop is not in contact with the ground. Currently, dehydrated or pelleted manures must be applied according to the raw or aged manure regulations. Uncomposted plant materials are allowed (205.203(c)(3), and can be applied to the field at any time in the growing season. (See USDANOP regulatory text for exact regulations.)"
Composting any manure first, before applying it to your soil, is always the best thing to do.

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hollyhocks(zone 5 Ohio)

thanks kimmsr, great info!

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All manures can be composted, even human.
Only two drugs( that is a catch all word)will make it though a hot composting,one is restricted & the other is banned.
I do not have the names in front of me, but it is on a thread on this forum.

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