Denb sprouting a new offset

boothbay(7)July 7, 2011

Is that what they are called on a Denb? At the same time my Denb is also showing one of the off sets completely yellow so i snipped it off with sanitized clippers..Just what are their purposes? Do they grow into another cane? If so, i have 3 of them already.

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If they are appearing from below an existing cane, they will be the newest canes and will flower. Do not cut any new growths off.

If a new growth is yellow and dying, something is wrong. Can you post a picture?


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NO, the new one is below the ridge of the pot and very green and healthy looking and growing fast. The yellow one has been snipped off. Can i divide those existing offsets and plant them. This plant is going to be too heavy eventually..with all those offsets.

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Put your pot inside a taller, heavier pot which has a drain hole. This will keep it from falling over. I use a tall ceramic pot.

I'm not sure what you mean by a 'yellow one.' Could it have been a root?

The bottom line is all new growths are your future flowers. The older canes can also flower and give support to the newer canes. They should not be separated or removed until the plant is much bigger (multiple canes) or you will lose flowers. Your plant might not flower for years if you remove the older canes.

You could tie the canes so they are closer together. This plant needs good light. It appears healthy and you are getting good growth. I would suggest you open the blinds to allow stronger light. The newer canes should flower this fall.

The plant appears to be a warm growing, hard-cane Dendrobium. Do you have a tag? Another important point, do not overwater. They like to dry out between watering so only water when almost dry. There is a lot of information on the internet which you should read. Google brings up a lot of info:

Here is a link that might be useful: Dendrobium Care

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

From what I can see, the new growths look like new canes. For an orchid to bloom they need at least three canes, five are better, at the minimum. And ditto whatever Jane says.

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