Mounted DENB has yellowing leaves

boothbay(7)July 2, 2011

I decided to try a mounted Orchid a couple of weeks ago. My Denb had bloomed this pas late Winter. I attached it to a bark and all seemed well. I left the roots exposed cause of the heat of the day and the humid conditions we have been getting. I have it outside my porch in a bright light with morning son for about a half hour. The roots being exposed, I assumed that i had to spray them not only daily, but 3 times or douse it with water and fertilized weekly. At the beginning i had 1 leave yellowing , but today i saw 2 more for a total of 3. I suspect that i am over watering it with spraying. I did cover the roots with transparent plastic wrap, perhaps the roots cannot be exposed?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

You probably have a hard-cane Dendrobium, i am assuming this because you said it flowered in winter.
Might not be a problem if the leaves are falling from the oldest cane/psuedobulb.
You might have to spray several times a day if you are trying to grow a cloud forest orchid, as for covering the roots with a transparent wrap, that might create a mini hot-house around the roots and cause damage.
Forget about all this tropical stuff, and read some hard cane culture notes on the net to get a feeling for the type of culture required.
Those pseudobulbs/canes are there to get the plants through hard times.
Does the plant have a name?

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Those pseudobulbs/canes are there to get the plants through hard times.
Does the plant have a name?>>>

Yes, it is a hard cane and almost 2' tall. I lost the tag that came with it 5 years ago, so no name that i can recall. Two leaves that are yellowing are at the near top of the cane, and one is on the "pseudobulb/cane"

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I have not successfully mounted hard cane Dendrobiums. Some died, others lingered without robust growth.


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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

Hard cane Dendrobiums do best in any medium when the roots dry between watering. Daily watering (not just a little mist) is fine.

The wrap is not a good idea, and may be the cause of the leaf loss, or it could be shock from the re-pot.

I have mounted Den species, but I keep the hard-cane hybrids in rock. This are like Great Dane puppies, cute in the store but they will get larger and larger with each new growth.

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