Bayer Soil & Turf in Greenhouse?

shirley-z-8-txJuly 19, 2012

I was reading to use Bayer Soil & Turf as a hose end sprayer for soft scale & mealybugs. I think that would be a much easier way to use it but is it ok to use it that way in a greenhouse?

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Hi Shirley

I've been watching your post and also awaiting an answer. Truthfully, I see no reason why it wouldn't work. What I've been using lately in my greenhouse is those airesol bombs that you just set off and stay out of the greenhouse for 24 hours. I use them 7 days apart and do this at least twice but more likely 3 weeks running. Naturally, I'm not speaking of those insect bombs you can get at Wall-Mart or the supermarket but rather ones designed for orchids. I buy mine on line. If you have any specific questions regarding product or sources, let me know.

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When I asked this question I had already sprayed with Bayer Two In One twice, ran out and couldn't find it any more. When I didn't get an answer I decided to buy the Bayer Soil and Turf you mix yourself instead of the hose sprayer bottle kind. I mixed it by the gallon jug, poured it on the bark of all orchids( 250) and the soil of all other plants in the greenhouse. I believe it takes a few days for the plant to absorb it but will check then. I should be rid of the mealies and scale by then I think.

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