pic id?

jbw1984July 7, 2014

This is a TJs "orchid." What kind is it? I don't need to know the specific hybrid (although I'll take it if you have it somehow!), just what type. thank you.

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I have no idea how i knew, but that is an oncidium. Thanks, brain!

Don't worry, I double-checked with google.

Striking, by the way.

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I answered too quickly ^^^, looks like Miltassia Olmec 'Kanno', could also be Miltassia Shelob. Looks more like the latter...

Miltassia...I believe that is miltonia and brassia cross?

Am I thinking out loud now?

I've no idea what im talking about, anyway, but I believe I have ID'd your orchid for you. Fingers crossed.

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Thanks, I think you nailed it!

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I can always be wrong, but I'm going to say Miltassia Shelob "The Weed". I have one just like it and that's what the tag called it. Yours looks a lot better than mine, though.

It's actually in only the second bloom I've ever gotten out of it. I bought it from walmart while I was in college. It was in a pot, in an airtight bag, in a perforated bag, on a wall. I know it was hanging there for at least 2 weeks before I picked it up. I immediately repotted and had to wait 6 months for any growth and 4 years to see a spike. It's a cool looking orchid though.

It's my first and was lucky to have survived me. It got overly chlorinated water while I was in college and I nearly burnt it to death when I tried to move it out onto a shaded porch. I hear that some people put theirs outside, but no luck for me. I've learned that you need to put some sphagnum moss in with the bark, because they need a lot more water than phals.

The only issue I've had out of mine is that it keeps trying to grow "up". I'll pot it with the bark the level of the bulbs, but the next time it puts one out it'll be a half inch above the bark, then so on and so forth till it's hovering out of the pot. I wish it's all stay in like I see with yours and I think there is a guy on youtube that has one as well.

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