Where to buy Phalaenopsis Species ?

JoseMariaChavez(8)August 1, 2014

I've recently started building an aeroponic system and I would like to fill it with some Phalaenopsis species plants to experiment with them genetically.

Would you suggest me a nice shop online that happened to sell what I'm looking for? (I would not accept hybrids or crosses, and if they had more than just a few species, that'd be great).

Thanks all :)

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Andy lists 4, Big Leaf has 5, I'm surprised how few they list. If you enter Phaelanopsis species on eBay, 51 listings come up. Many are duplicates but it's probably worth checking out. If nothing else, by hitting 'vendor's other listings', you'll ID businesses that have what you are looking for.



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Seattle Orchids has a few Phals and is also on EBay under incredible orchids. Also Oakhill has several Phals of different sizes.



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Norman's Orchids (orchids.com) has over a dozen species available on their site.


Copy and paste the URL above. This shows the first page of the phal species.

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