Coelogyne flaccida bloom spike

leeflea(7a)August 9, 2012

This is one of my Coelogyne flaccidas which I've had outside since it warmed up. This one sent up a couple bloom spikes about 3 weeks ago. Since I've never grown a Coelogyne of any kind before, I'm wondering how long does it usually take for it to bloom? I might be just getting impatient but it seems a pretty long time to remain tightly closed.

Might someone venture a guess?

Thank you,


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Coelogyne flaccida blooms in spring from pendant spikes and is quick to flower once the spikes start to develop.
Here is a picture of an in-bloom plant, maybe your plant tag is incorrect?

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Thank you Arthrum for taking the time to write and post the pic. Yours is lovely and I wouldn't be surprised if, indeed, my label is wrong. When mine blooms, I'll post and get your opinion, if you don't mind, as to which one I have.

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That is gorgeous. I think I want a Coelogyne flaccida now.

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LOL. I hope so. The Miltassia leaves and Coelogyne leave, to me, look alike so who knows what's blooming. Leave it up to me to lose or misplace the labels. I'll con't to update y'all.

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Greencurls, I suppose I'm most excited about the bloom spike that is rapidly growing on my Psychopsis papilio 'Lace'. After killing two by repotting I had just about given up and they don't come cheap. Living on a fixed income prohibits me from getting some I'd really like.
I started out with Catts. and moved on to others but mainly I stick to catts and their alliance due to the environmental conditions in this room. I'd love to get some phals. but I can't get the temp. drop to initiate bloom. After 15yrs of growing orchids, I am surprised by the size of the roots on the rhyncostylis. They are huge and comeing through the slats in the box. . Leeflea.

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