NOID Encyclia

leeflea(7a)August 9, 2012

This NOID Encyclia has bloomed for the first time since I bought it three years ago. It has not scent but has been blooming for a little over 2 months even through 100 degree temps.

I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place but I just can't figure out how to post pics. in the photo gallery.

This orchid has been outside for the most part since the weather warmed.

I'd so appreciate it if someone would give me tips on how to post pics into the Gallery.


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The other thing you can do is to ge to the internet orchid photographic encyclopedia. . At this site he lists over 200 Encyclia, look them over, your plant is amongst them.


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Thank you Nick for taking the time to post what you did. Indeed, I'll go to the site you were kind enough to list. I never knew such a site existed.

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No problem. Jay Phal's site is very useful, I live on it. Only problem is that he lists every Encyclia known to man and will drive you crazy. You can also look to see what the big vendors have to offer. Andy ( ) for example lists only about 20 Encyclia. Unless yours is a hybrid, in which case you'll never ID it, it probably is one of the ones he or J&L, and a few others have for sale. I'd go there first.


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