what's happening to my Dendrobium

philpetAugust 12, 2014

Hi guys, this is my dendrobium up until three days ago it seemed fine but from the last three days I keep loosing leaves from the newest canes and it not the bottom leaves but the ones nearer to the top also the leaves look almost like sunburn with little black spots. Now I use Phyton 27 once per month and also Engo once per month(insecticide) and I am sure its not sunburn could someone please help me. I will post a close up of one of the leaves, thanks in advance. Velleta

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This is what the leaf look like. Now I know they say Phyton 27 should not be used on dens, but I asked here and was advised it could be used also this is the only den showing these symptoms. I am not very good with them so I would really appreciate any help or advise given. Its really a very nice plant and I would hate to loose it. Thank again. Velleta

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looks like u got spider mites, you can spray it with hydrogen peroxide(3%) all over the plants, and change the medium. hope that helps. I am still new to this orchid growing, so hopefully someone with more experience can help ya out.

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Hi Velleta - You may want to see if this poster is describing something similar.


If so check out the link at the end of the discussion. From what I can see if looks more fungal than pest related especially the black spotting you are seeing. I am not expert enough in the different types of fungicides and which fungi they are curative against but it is possible the Phyton 27 is not effective against that is growing on your Dendrobium. The St. Augustine website may also be of help in deciding a course of action for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: St Augustine - Orchid Diseases

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Thanks Campchi and Greencurls I also think it's fungal I hope I can stop it before it ruins my plant���".velleta

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