My phal has crown rot!

wiscnick(5)August 19, 2008

My newly purchased Sogo Grape 'Fireball' has crown rot! I can't believe it! I have MANY phals, and water them all the same way...this is a first for me.

I took it out of the pot--the roots look really good. I sprayed the whole plant down with Ortho 3 in 1 for roses and repotted it. That was about a week ago, and while the base of the uppermost two leaves looks dry and scortched, it seems not be getting any I kidding myself, or can this plant be saved???


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counselor4444(6A NJ)

do you have any pics?

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So, shame on me I don't know how to post a photo--my 12 yo will help, though...
In the mean time, the two uppermost leaves dried up centrally and are now off the plant. The two smaller lower leaves seem okay...but I wonder if this orchid will be able to produce a new leaf?

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If you really want to spend a year or more waiting for blooms, might be best to buy a new plant. If you want to experiment, you can keep the light up and wait for the plant to either make a basal keiki or send up a spike with a keiki. Either way it is a sure bet if you can hold on to those remaining leaves.

I have a lot of experience with crown rot because of my cold house over winter. The newer, fancy hybrids do not do well over winter. My older plants do fine. I have two now which developed crown rot last winter. One (one leaf left) has made a nice big basal keiki, the other lost all leaves and is sending up two spikes. I'm sure the spikes will produce keiki's. The trick is to keep them warm and sunny and treat as normal. Both of mine had great roots which provided the energy. Both are in translucent pots and the roots are bright green and healthy. I believe the plant which lost all leaves was provided energy through photosynthesis of the roots.


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Thanks Jane for the advice! I don't mind waiting for blooms, it will be a challenge! I might repot to a translucent pot--I actually have one lying around. I have never had a keiki before, so's hoping!

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carolinn_on(z3 Northern Ontario)

Hydrogen peroxide (3%) can help. Also, if any of my phals get water in their crowns, I get a tissue and leave it there for an hour or 3 to wick up moisture.


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Carol's tip is excellent first-aid for susceptible orchids.I dont usually leave tissue in the crown though. Its just a quick dab and blot with a ear-bud because I dont want to leave anything moist in contact with the crown at this point.
If you really love a challenge, try using turmeric powder. You'll get it at any store selling Indian food products. Dust the top of the crown with a slight sprinkling of turmeric powder. It has very powerful anti-bacterial (and antiseptic too) qualities. I've used this last year on one of my phals which developped crown rot and it actually survived. Its grown on to develop healthy leaves now but so far no blooms.
I remember Lisa (anonygoose) used to swear by cinnamon powder to treat crown rot.

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