How long between blooms?

Ala9815August 6, 2014

Hi everyone. I'm a relatively new orchid owner and have a question about how frequently to expect blooms from my phal. It's a pico bahama phal that I got this past September (2013). It was blooming when I bought it and bloomed through January, I think. The garden center where I bought it said to cut off the stalk down to the body of the plant when it became brown and shrivelly with no flowers, so I did. It's very happy with adequate phal light, some orchid food, a big enough pot, and very happy new leaves and roots. But, I haven't seen any signs of new stalks at all. The orchid food is per the garden center's suggestion for flower growth. Should I be concerned? What should I do to promote stalk and flower growth.

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Phals start spikes about October here...with cooling weather.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Yes, most Phals initiate new flowering spikes with the onset of slightly cooler weather. The full name of your orchid is Phalaenopsis Brother Pico Bahama.
To get better help you need to tell the posters where you live. temps. etc etc

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westoh Z6

If everything else seems right (new roots, growth and good color) your hybrid phal needs a 15-20 degree temp drop between day and night for 2-6 weeks to induce spikes. If you grow indoors, try sitting it by an open window once the nights start getting cooler than your house temps to give it the nighttime temp drops.

Good luck,


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