My suite has turned into sick bay-Video Blog

High_Tower(7)August 23, 2014

You know the first words when someone says would you like to try a couple orchids? Trust me it wont be a couple.

I started about 4 months ago although im an avid flower grower outside and used to do houseplants.

So my brother brought me over all his orchids. He has given up and said hes tired of no blooms all plant. He has a cultural problem because there is mold. So plan to clean them all up in a little hydrogen peroxide and trimmed roots and repot them with clean new media.

My big problem is being on disability with spinal disorder and thier awesome plentiful incomes, I will have a big light problem because of a dark suite. Buying a couple lights adds up so quickly. So not sure what to do about that.

I am thinking to do this as a video blog, so that those much more informed and experienced than I can chime in , if things dont loojk right or could be better.


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Where do you live? What State or Country? It would help to know what type of plants he's giving you.

With your low light it will be difficult to grow or bloom any orchids unless you can put them outside in the summer.

Mold and no flowers suggests he was not giving enough light and overwatering.

Post back with some pictures or names of the orchids and the conditions you would be growing them in. Also, can you put them outside in the summer?


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Hi Jane,

They are all Phals looks like. They definitly had way too much light. They are very light leaves because he had them on a south window. So while not really any burn marks they are probably very stressed.

Overwatering, yes for sure. The big glass bowl it was in has no drainage and given the condition of the roots, alot of them rotted along with the decaying medium. They are just neglected.

I have done some videos and pictures, I just have to edit it and put it together and ill put it up on youtube. So far the ones I did clean up and cut, the remaining looked quite healthy and bright green when watered. Even some tips have pale green and red tip which perhaps is just very young?

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HiTower, I didn't realize you had posted the pic of the large glass vase.

Are those the plants you were talking about? I'm confused by your posts. If the plants were getting too much light, it doesn't make sense that the roots would rot. The plant probably was suddenly moved to strong light without adjustment. I grow Phals in very bright light, even direct morning sun and I don't burn leaves. But they were introduced gradually. Florida sun is brutal and my Phals manage it.

Suggests he did this suddenly. High light, faster growth, more roots. If the roots were rotted, the odds are that the plants were not in bright light and overwatered during growth.


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Ive taken them all out of the bowl, and there was alot of rot. Im going to say its because of the media is decaying and so old that caused this. The spagnum moss was so tightly packed and compressed between the roots I had trouble getting all that out. Some of them have big burn marks from the sun on closer inspection.

Ill have video and pics soon.

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Ok friends, Finally have the video up. Had to do some editing because of the cellphone camera i was using.

This is an intro video and what they look like when they arrived. I actually have them all cleaned up now, and they look way better, but the question will be the low lighting I have. I will post another video of the cleaned up roots.

I did run out of fresh media, and Im wondering what your thinking about having an orchid without any media for a few days? Dont think it hurts them, as long as its stable. All I did was give it a light spray. But Im sure its happy to be out of the mush.

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Alright I have the follow up video, in which Ive gone thru some of the sick orchids and cleaned them up.

Thanks for watching.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchid hospital suite part 2

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