Orchids in large glass vases?

High_Tower(7)August 19, 2014

I have a question about this setup and if it will work or what needs to be changed. The idea is the water at the stem of the vase sit amonst the rock and pebbles, and i have the spagnum that sits just above that hopefully grabbing the evaporation of the water.

But there isnt much eavoporation, one because its not been too hot, and 2 I question the amount of circulation. I would guess its a tempered glass vase, so drilling holes in it is not an answer. Is this worth keeping like this?

Ive used the old media right now from what I inherited them with until I decide what to do.

I just looking for other alternatives to always cheap plastic pots, and something that looks a little more natural or different. Driftwood was another option Im thinking about.

What would you do? Take them to plastic pots again or keep them like that.

The other think im wondering about was that orchids will not bloom if they dont feel a little tight so I read. Which I dont understand as in the wild the roots look quite free and open environment and not so bunched up. The idea here is keeping them all together might give a more close knit feel??


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

When I invaded my wife's kitchen, I grew Phalaenopsis in ugly pots placed in blue cache pots. Do not know about your proposed setup, all you can do is try it and see if the roots reach down to find moisture. Generally, people fail with Phalaenopsis by giving them too much moisture.
What sort of temps are you going to get in your growing area? 70 to 90F is Phalenopsis range. Do you get morning sunlight?

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Temps are usually mid 70s and 80s in summer. Winter has the more dramatic effect of low 70s and high 60s which is good for inducing blooming i believe.

But perhaps this setup may not work because its just not hot enough constantly?

What of the issue of multiple orchids in the same bowl. I question it because you certainly dont see alot of orchids put together for some reason. Perhaps they demand their own individual space

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Where do you live? Zone 7 should be fairly warm.

Problem with your setup is the lack of drainage. The bowl seems wide enough to get air flow to the roots but they should dry out, not stay damp.

Like Arthurm said, you could try it but watch for root rotting. Be very careful about watering. Phals like good air flow to their roots and like to 'drip-dry.' If you are careful with watering, it might work.

Winter might be a problem as, cold-damp = rot. Keep the plant in your warmest room.

Otherwise, it looks pretty.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Yes, I didn't like to say it will not work because it might. Cold and damp is the real enemy of Phalaenopsis especially if potted in spag. or other mediums that retain a lot of water.
Mine are doing fine in treated pine bark and perlite.
The lack or drainage might be a problem, maybe you can water and then somehow remove the excess.
I agree with Jane, it looks attractive.

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I really appreciate all the input. Thank you.

I just want to clarify that its actually quite dry at the top, i even been having to spray including the aerial roots which turned green from the silver. The 2/3 of the stem of that vase is water with the rocks. the last 1/3 of the stem is spagnum moss that is wet. so the roots are nowhere near the water, so the lack of drainage seems to be insignificant is it not? As long as the water level does not keep going up. Otherwise would have to find a way to siphon some out.

Im also still not clear on the the orchids all together. 3 or 4. Is it not usually done because the roots would then become extremely entwined?

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You could put multiple plants in one pot. They might bloom at different times and one could run into problems (disease, root problems), it becomes difficult to treat one plant without affecting the others, but it can be done.

Here's a shot with multiple Phals. Of course this is from a nursery which sells these as gifts. As a recipient of a few of these 'gifts' I can assure you they got separated after they finished flowering. But give it a try!

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Yes your right thats the only time you see them is for display in retail. Ok what you said makes sense. But I will give it a try since i just inherited these 6 orchids from my brother which need to be saved. So plenty to experiment with to see whats working.

Thanks for the insight.

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What do you guys think about Phals' and other orchids' roots needing to be tight? I understand there are at least two reasons for that - (1) to avoid too much medium that can stay wet too long, and (2) to relatively quickly give the roots the feeling of snugness, so the plant "knows" it is secure enough, there's no need to grow roots anymore for stability and that it's time to flower.

If so, then these wide vases will take a long while to fill up with roots - wouldn't that delay flowering?

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Im not so sure I believe this snug feeling in order to bloom. The media packed around already has a snug feeling, and even then, in the wild I see pictures of them hanging from everywhere or just sitting on trees, with roots loosely sitting there, with no sort of compact feeling that I can see. If they dont bloom then I would say one of the environmental conditions are not met. But then again im wrong alot of times.

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I switched from orchid pots to clear glass pyrex bowls for all my orchids about a year ago. I haven't lost one since.

I'm using shallow bowls, I think that helps keep the bottom from staying wet too long.

I use about 2" of bark topped with about an inch of sphagnum moss.

I love being able to see the roots, the phals and dendrobiums have thrived.

Tight no, I find they need cool nights to bloom. Usually just being near a window in the winter is sufficient.

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