First bloom seedling

lisa_z5wmi(Z5)August 3, 2012

I bought the 10 pack of Vanda seedlings from the Royal Orchid Thingy in March of 2010. At the time it was $30. Two died pretty much on arrival. Seven are still alive and this one is the first to bloom. Vasco. Tham Yuen Hae x Broga Blue Bell.

Not much of a show for a 2.5 year wait, but as these were my first foray into the Vanda Alliance, I am pretty chuffed.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

It is always fun to see the first bloom on a seedling. Think "Vascos" are more forgiving than some of the Vandas. Registered name is Vasco. Midnight Treasure.

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Thank you for the name update, Arthur. I'm hoping this will bloom twice a year once it puts some weight on itself. If it only blooms in summer I would never have gotten the right name without your help as our show season is October through May.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Link to RHS name search below, but note that the search doesn't like punctuation and if you enter complete names they have to be correct. For example, your tag has Blue Bell where the correct spelling is BlueBell.
Searched the local society Database for "Vasco." and they seem to flower various times through the year, so maybe yours will flower at times other than summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to RHS Names

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Sorry, maybe I'm wrong, but I thought if the plant is a seedling even with the same parentage as the registered sibling - it has somewhat different genetic combination and cannot care name of the registered sibling. Only mericlone of the registered plant could be propagated under the same name.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I think the cost of registering an orchid hybrid with the Royal Horticultural Society is still Ten Pounds and there are something like 100,000 of those registered hybrids.

There is no register of clone names because of the sheer numbers involved. A friend did some breeding with one of my orchids and we got back ten flasks of orchid seedlings, and as you say each one of little plants is genetically different.
I think about 50 of them will bloom this year. I might give those that turn out OK a name but the i'm not going to bother with most of them. SO

A x B = C (C being the registered the name that i paid Ten Pounds to get)
All the seedlings are C
Selected ones might get a clone name. If they are worth keeping and i want to keep track of them in my collection. In the unlikely event that one of the gets an Award From the AOS I would have to supply a clone name.
C 'No.1'
C 'No.2'
C 'Aunty Flo
C 'Anything You like"
EXCEPT some clone names that are only restricted by Convention, such as
and should not be used by us mere mortals
That is enough Rocket Science stuff for now.

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OMG you totally need to name one C 'Aunty Flo'. Then send it visiting.

I wet myself there just a bit, arthur.

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