enemy of corn

bucks(9 Arizona)December 28, 2009

Any ideas of how to keep the worms out of the corn? I have no interest in the wasps, and the mineral oil on the silk burns the silks and the ears in this hot Arizona sun. I have thought about diatamecous earth, but no one seems to have tried it, so I am at a loss.

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Hey Bucks: I have used DE but for ants because they were farming aphids, DE is for hard bodied insects it cuts their skeltons (outside) and they dyhridrate and die, The aphids caused me to lose 1/2 of my corn because they damaged the plants and it developed corn smut :) Someone in the veggie site might be able to help ya out with the worm problem...

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Bt and spinosad might be options.

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I only use B.T., my worst problem was a coon that rascal bit every ear once and ate some.

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Once the ears have been pollinated your could cover them with a fine mesh material, such as old stockings, which would aid in keeping the moth that lays the eggs that becomes the earworm from getting to the ears. Depending on how much corn you have that may be an easier way to prevent that problem.

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ancfan: Those aphids might be doing you a big favor. If you can find a local market that will buy the smut when it is of edible size, it's worth more than the corn! Keep the good ears for yourself, sell the smut.
Smut is called Huitlacoche (wheet-lah-ko-chay) in the mkts.

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Thanks rockguy: I did cook some of the Huitlacoche up and tasted it, it taste like mushrooms with a corn flavor, very good! I also froze some already cooked. The only thing is nobody knows what it is, I live in a smaller community. I did ask a couple of chefs at a couple of mexican restaurants still they did not know what it was. I saved some that went to spore, have it in a plastic bag with some garden soil. :)

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bayoufilter(9a HouTX)

LOL, I attempted corn for the 1st time this last summer. Got a lot of Huitlacoche and it was delicious but I could not get wife or kids to even try it, they couldn't get past the looks.
I might do it again since the 'Mexican Truffles' were my biggest garden success to date. Carry it to the market in closed plastic bins, provide handouts and make the customers swear not to handle it anywhere corn fields. Or market direct to the two chefs here that have it on their menu...

Here is a link that might be useful: Local article that might help make this the Year Of The Smut

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Hey bayoufilter: my boyfriend thought I nuts eating the corn smut and wouldn't taste it either, lol

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