Dowsing Rods and Water Witching

gonebananas_gwDecember 11, 2013

If we are going to discuss "structured water" we maybe should add this other garden-related topic of high controversy.

I have--no kidding--seen a metal and plastic dowsing rod in an industrial-tool supply catalog! It looked factory made. Who would have believed it? Presumably it was more for locating buried pipes and cables, not "underground streams." You might be astounded at the proportion of people who believe in these things.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

when we get bores drilled over here they using divining rods, we call it divining, they use stiff wire or a green 'Y' from a tree, i myself use wire, for me it works, not into convincing paranoid skeptics.

how would teh blokes who make a living from drilling bores know where teh water might be in a virgin paddock? there is a certain process to find teh best spot.


Here is a link that might be useful: lens garden page

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In some 10-15,000 square miles of coastal plain in this small state, the better test would be to have a believer find a place where you CANNOT hit usable amounts of water. When you can hardly miss, the "proving's" pretty easy.

I had a deviner working for a small city utility department mark where their main water line was. I drilled two meters off the side and drilled right through it. Quite a scene. Every one of their guys had a dowsing rod. Six months later I read in the paper that another driller there had drilled into and broke a natural gas line. I always wondered if the same "true believers" had marked that line too.

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My experience with divining came from necessity. I was the guy responsible for locating our city's water and sewer mains for 7 years. We had a gizmo made for locating buried metallic lines and it worked very well on the ductile iron mains. The gizmo sometimes didn't work on water service lines so I was forced to find an alternative method and settled on a pair of copper rods which worked darned good too. To learn the rods method, I practiced on mains by finding them first with the rods and confirming the locations with the fancy gizmo. I have no idea how and why it works or me but, it does, to find both water and sewer mains and water service lines in our town.

In short, don't poo-poo it until you've tried it.

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oldmainer(z5 Maine)

Hi Folks...had an uncle that was real good at dowsing.... would use a "Y" shaped a withchazel bush. He was called on by residents in the area to find water before they drilled a well. He has gone on to the big well house in the sky where I think he still may be dowsing...:-) Franklin

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

our divining as done on 70 acres, no underground utilities at all 300 meters from nearest road, same on this new 1 acre block, if i wanted a bore i have good idea where they would need to look, if they find different then i would ask big questions, not demand but!

without divining how can one have any idea of where sub-aquafa is? or how deep it is. the only thing they can't tell you is how fresh or salty it may be, they can tell how deep it is. they may not get right on bulls eye either, but they get water that is their contract, no water no pay.


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oldmainer(z5 Maine)

Hi len...I observed my uncle dowsing back in the late 1940's and early 1950's. I was maybe 12 or so years old. The tip of the dowsing rod would head right to the ground when it detected water below his feet. It would twist the bark right off each leg of the rod he was holding. Do I believe it works...yes I do because I saw it happen with my own eyes. No Voodoo or Witchcraft involved that I'm aware of...:-) Franklin

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Seeing as there's plenty of studies pointing to it being no more effective than random chance, anecdotal "proof" doesn't stand up to the search for even statistically significant proof...much less an answer that says "it works."

There's people that believe Ouija boards work without any human intervention moving the marker on the board...there's people that believe faith healing preachers can physically knock a person over with the power of prayer without actually touching them...the people who believe in this "proof" have eye-witness and/or actual experience to back it up.

In a lot of the world it's virtually impossible to dig a well and not find water.

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Take a gander at this. I think it shows what dowsing is.

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I was a septic inspector for 6 years, and was always able to rely on dowsing to find the trenches when maps and probes failed.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

always skeptic's but there is no way to prove it to their satisfaction, my question is how do they find something underground that can be up 30 meters plus deep down.

even on the block we now have i used my diving wires to see where to streams are, they are in the top 20 meter are of our block, nowhere near the septic, and we only have tank water also nowhere near those shallow pipes.

have a neighbour 2 blocks down he has a bore he divined for it, you can't stand in the middle of a 1 acre to 100's of acre blocks and simply guess where to drill, the driller would be drilling all over the place wasting his time and your money.

they have a guarantee over here no water no pay, they'd go broke using the hit and miss suggestions of science..

science in their infinite wisdom can categorically prove very little indeed, all they have is theory. i would like to see science or their boffin worshipers pay for and drill a wet hole.

the only thing dousing can't tell you is whether it is salt water or fresh water, the type of land it is can tell you that, also can't tell you what rate it will deliver at.

anyhow live in you fairy tale world of theory.

those of us who need to use underground water, use this method.

seasons greetings


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oldmainer(z5 Maine)

Hi Folks...I wouldn't pay any attention to skeptics...all areas of study and work have them and usually what they have to say doesn't amount to a p--- hole in the snow...;-) If dowsing works for you thats what counts. Franklin

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