Where in Hawaii to buy orchids?

counselor4444(6A NJ)August 20, 2010

I'll be on the islands of Maui and Oahu over the course of a week and a half. I'd like to bring back 2 or 3 orchids. Where should I go? I know Kawamoto Orchids is on Maui. Where else can anyone recommend? Someone had suggested the Maui Farmers market for cheap/nice orchids. What about on Oahu? (I prefer to buy on Oahu as that is my last stop before going home)

Also, it is my understanding that as long as the orchids are bare root, I should not have any issues with the Dept of Agriculture in bringing them back to the mainland. Is this right? How should I carry them? bare root in plastic bags? damp paper towels wrapped around roots? (I have no idea what kind of orchids I'll be buying so lots of suggestions would be helpful) Thanks all1

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TOF is on Maui. It is TOP-NOTCH in my book!


Here is a link that might be useful: Tropical Orchid Farm

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I just got back from Maui and mailed several boxes of orchids home. I have purchased from Kawamoto Orchids before and was pleased. The owner seems very nice and has some impressive grammatophyllums. Maui I called TOF and several others to set up an appointment to stop in the nursery, but I have yet to get a reply. If you are really into species, they do have an awesome selection. I did however call Haiku Maui Orhcids and met the owner, Alan. He's very nice and I purchased some beautiful plants - several species in fact. In fact he was the only one that bothered to return my phone call. He's also very reasonable on shipping. I also bought orchids dirt cheap at Wal Mart, Home Depot, Longs Drug Store, the organic store whose name I can't recall at the moment and I got several at Farmer's Markets and shipped them all back in pot. If you are going to carry them home on the plane, all you have to do is go a few minutes early so they can visually inspect the plants. I had a dozen inspected and it took 30 seconds. As long as they are in bark and it is not decomposing to much you won't have a problem at all. I believe the box has to be sealed and they stamp it on the tape and the box and off you go. If you shop around a little bit you can pick up orchids in 4-5" pots in bloom for $10 - $12 each. If i had room I would have brought back several grammatophyllums, but they just grow to big. It's hard not to get carried away with orchids every where you go. GOOD LUCK! Tim

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counselor4444(6A NJ)

Thanks! You said the box has to be sealed? What box? I was planning on carrying my orchids back in a carry on bag. Is this not acceptable? Thanks.

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The only place that I have bought from in Hawaii is TOF. I have only shopped by catalog and have been very pleased with my purchases and their service.

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H&R Orchids on Oahu

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Yes, I am pretty sure that the orchids will have to into a box and then sealed after the inspection. You can call the local Dept of Agriculture Inspection Station at the airport - thats what I did and they can give you specifics. If you are carrying them in and immediately checking in there may be an exception that I am not aware of. I am certainly no expert on the topic.

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