Rhyncostylis gigantea (red form)

leeflea(7a)August 10, 2012

This plant has the largest roots I've ever seen on one. The large one is starting to find its way out of the basket. Is there anything I should do or let it meander. I'll try to download a pic. of it.

thank you,


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Let it meander, that's what they do. That root may end up a foot or more from the main plant.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have never found a way to KEEP them from meandering lol
Those that I grow in baskets are well over 6 feet long!! 3 years ago I put 12 types between two palms and got to observe the tree climbing habit They actually put roots out and pull themselves up the trunk!!
This may not have been a good idea as it a jumbled mass already lol
If you find a way to contain them please share ?? gary

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thank you garyfla and orchidnick for your responses. I'll take take your word. I was just so surprised at the girth and size of it. I'm used to the dainty roots. Will do as you instructed and I'm much obliged in the Southern sense. Leeflea.

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So the roots can get upwards of 6 feet? That is something to consider when assessing growing space.

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LOLOLOL and :((( not I didn't consider that as I saw nothing that indicated I'd be taken over by roots. But somehow we'll manage as I like it too much. Thanks. Leeflea.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I don't grow Rhyncostylis but suspect the roots would not get as long nor as wandering as say strap leaf vandas or Mokara . I don't use any media in my baskets but I grow them in a shadehouse though I have found they love to adhere to blocks of charcoal and it does slow down the meandering lol. another bad habit of the family is growing straight up and requires surgery to alter that habit they still are slow to branch and sometimes respond by growing clusters of roots lol Nobody ever accused Vandaceous of being beautiful plants still unsure of the ultimate height but have straps pushing six feet, teretes
at 12 and still growing straight up lol. Strap/terete hybrids at around 6 feet but have been very succesful at "branching" Another is Phals in my crowded shadehouse have actually had them move from one pot to another invaribly if left alone the roots will push the leaves out of the media. Have less than 3 years of growing Phals attached to trees but already see some altered growth habits Anyone know of any pix of these growing in habitat?? Can't imagine what a jumbled mass it becomes?? gary

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