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janartmuseAugust 11, 2014

Hi, I logged onto the orchid forum as I have a real mystery here. I have a plant I think is likely a miltoniopsis. It was a rescue from a plant service, and had (and has) no flowers on it. The plant itself is fragrant. It is a nice scent, but I am completely mystified. If I sniff the pot (slits) I don't smell it in the soil, but I do smell it if i sniff the plant. The fragrance is getting stronger. I can smell it now from about 2' away. Is there a simple explantation? It is very strange. It is actively growing right now and I watered it yesterday. Is there anything that might have been triggered by watering? It is a sweet smell and rather pleasant. There is moss growing on the surface of the soil. I've had the plant long enough that it can't be residual perfume from the former owner. Am i nuts? Do the plants ever smell when they are not blooming?

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I do have a miltoniopsis but the fragrant comes from flowers. Not from the plant leaves or pot. Fragrant comes in the morning and fades in the afternoon. Every day. I hope someone will be able to tell you more.


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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

Never mind--I read this originally when it was first posted, but didn't recall all of the details when coming back to post. :)

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Well, it continues to be a mystery. Is it possible the grower sprayed perfume on the plant and I am only now noticing? That seems really hard to believe. I have an oncidium in bloom right now, in another room, and thought maybe the nectar (?) that drips from the stems might be fragrant, and perhaps the miltoniopsis formed this and it too dripped into the crown when it was in bloom, but the oncidium nectar seems to have no fragrance at all, though the flowers are quite heady. There isn't some known variety that has fragrant foliage? I am trying to think what on earth could be causing this.

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