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inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)September 26, 2009

Hello everyone,

I'm new in the forum. I had a den (no id tag, bought @ HD) which was white with pink center. It kinda dried up, but it had a baby. I took it and cleaned up the roots and potted the baby in a 2" plastic pot with the orchid mix I usually use for my orchids ( miracle grow orchid mix). I went to check up on it and when I pulled it gently to see if it was grasping on the mix, the whole thing came out. It was mushy, but the roots were white and they seem to be growing. I also have a phal ( no id on this on either, bought it @ stop and shop) and it seems to be doing fine, putting blossoms for me. I am going to get another den ( my apologies I can't spell the whole name without looking at it), but can someone give me any suggestions on how to grow it? I would not mind growing it til' it gets big. Please give me some advice.

Thanks in advance for all the help...

Nae boston =)

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

You have to tell the readers what sort of Dendrobium you are talking about because culture varies according to type.
Google Phalaenanthe Dendrobiums and Nobile Dendrobiums and select images to see the type or tell us what is on the plant label.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

If you got it at HD then hard cane Dendrobium hybrid is a good guess. These are watered completely different from the Phals and need a LOT more light than Phals.

To water a Den, run water through all parts of the pot for 30 seconds, then let it dry. If it is a little dry, don't water, wait another day or two.

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inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)

Arthurm I got the label and it says dendrobium pink baby, that is what is writen there with not much information. I will look up images for the phal on google.

Richardol thanks for the watering information. I am going to pickup another one today I will take pictures of this one.

Nae boston

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

If the name is Den. Baby Pink rather than Den. Pink Baby it is a Phalaenanthe or Phal Type Den with the ancestors coming from Northern Australia. Culture as Riichard said. Watm conditions, good light and less water in winter.

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inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)

Thank you so much. Here are the pics I had promised to post.

white phal


And this one I repot it and keep under some light.

nae boston

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