Short flower stems

fxxySeptember 10, 2009

I have a Catt blooming with the flowers very close together due to the shortness of the flower stems. Anybody know what causes this?? Plant has been outside most of the summer. This has happened several times to me....

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

It is genetic. Some species spread the flowers better than others. I don't think there is anything to do about it.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

If it has always done this, I agree with Richard. But you can try putting the plant into a shadier area when the spikes start, since all plants generally put out taller/longer growth in the shade than in strong light. May help a bit.

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Well, some of the Taiwanese phal growers will have their greenhouses warm to elongate spikes, then cool it down to essentially stop the growth. After this stunting, they start the process again to get the spike to grow more and so on until the process will not help past genetics.

What is the Catt?

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