Zygo needs help

helga1September 15, 2009

Not sure what to do with 2 of my Zygopetalum,which have accidentally been left in the sun one day and promptly turned most of their leaves black - or, was it the temperature dipping to 50 deg. that night that caused the damage.

One plant should be re-potted, as it has 5 back bulbs, along with the black leaves on 2 new growths. Only one new growth is green and healthy. How many back bulbs should I transfer into the new pot and, to improve the look, should I cut off the black leaves?

Thank you for your advise.


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Hi Helga,

50°F is a very normal temperature for the Zygopetalum genus. Which one do you have?

I would remove the black leaves. You can divide the 5 pseudobulbs if you choose. After the recent trauma of sun damage, I wouldn't. I would give the plant a break, let it recuperate and reconsider divisions in 2010. Zygos are very prolific growers.

Good Luck!


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So it had to be sun damage. I admit the zygos were neglected this summer. I had put them outside to keep them cooler, but did not watch the rising of the sun in the sky.
Since all of the new growth is affected, I'll cut the leaves off, transplant and see what happens next year.
Thanks, Stitz.

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