3 new orchids, I don't understand what to do.

glasnySeptember 13, 2012

Bought these 3 new orchids today at a local trader joes, these are mini orchids, oncidium without a name tag, another oncidium as well, and a cattleya. All 3 looked great in store, when I got home to repot them into bark medium from the moss they were in I realized that the moss was really dry. Orchid roots were also very dried and appear to be dead. I placed them into bark medium mix with some charcoal and perlite. I also watered them and fertilized with 20-20-20 fertilizer, and added superthrive (hormone with vitamin mix).

any suggestions on what I could do?

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this one also has something on the leafs, I assume it's residue from water.. not sure.

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here is the cattleya, it had same root problem. all are currently in bloom.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Going from the top you have a Brassia, an Oncidium Intergeneric (mixed Oncidum Genera Types and a Cluster Cattleya Type (more than 5 flowers in a bunch and probably mixed Cattleya type Genera).
The white stuff on the leaves might be be fertiliser or fungicide or Insecticide, clean it off using milk if it bothers you.
As for culture, depends where you are and the micro climate you can provide for the orchids. Tell us where you are in California and more help will be provided.

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los angeles valley area, yes its hot and dry here, I am running a humidifier in the room, there is also AC temperature is around 25-30 degrees C. Humidity at 35-40 percent.

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If you really want to grow them indoors and grow them well, they need some direct, filtered sun. Mist the top of the pot every morning just to the point where water begins to run down into the pot.

Next April, put them outside under filtered afternoon sun (some direct morning sun is OK). Increase watering to the point during summer where you are watering every day when it is at least 95F. Purchase a cheap misting system with a filter and run it during the hottest days (90F+).

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I have a humidifier running in the room and I also moist the top of medium every other day. they are under day light lamp 60 watt, for about 10 hours a day. :D

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