bud to bloom time for Phrag??

orchid_ladycats(z7 MD)September 13, 2009

Hi! I hope someone on the forum can help me. I have a Phrag. Jason Fischer I purchased in 2006 after seeing its glorious picture on the cover of the AOS publication. It was not in bloom or in bud at the time, but had remnants of an earlier spike so I was confident it might bloom again.

I don't have a green house; I have been growing orchids for about 20 years, first on a window sill, and now on a stand with lights in a very sunny room, with plants on humidity trays. I like to buy orchids that aren't blooming because I like the challenge of seeing if I can "make" it happen! I've been pretty successful, with phals blooming and reblooming all the time, some cattleyas, a vanda at the moment -- I really never expected to get the vanda to rebloom! -- dendrobium, odontoglossum, a paph that bloomed once and never returned, and a phrag Hannah Popow, that bloomed maybe twice and then died.

The Jason Fischer is now budding! I promised myself that if it bloomed I would have a party to celebrate. I want to know about how long it will take from this bud stage until fully mature bloom stage, so I can plan! Also, I would love not to lose this phrag after blooming, like I did with the Hannah Popow and the paph. Any ideas would be so appreciated!

thanks, Joan

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Hi Joan

I have a Jason Fischer that has bloomed reliably for me from Nov to Jan. these last three years
This year I noticed a spike maybe two weeks ago, which seems a bit earlier than usual. Last year it bloomed on two spikes, this year I am hoping for three...

My Hannah Popow, on the other hand, is really struggling...


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orchid_ladycats(z7 MD)

Thanks for your response, Nicole! What I'm really hoping you can tell me is about how long it took for the bud to fully bloom. I want to time my party for maximum flower impact!!
I hope your Hannah Popow makes it. I was so sad to see it go! What a beautiful orchid it is...


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Hi again!

I was hoping someone else would chime in.
It's very hard to say when you can expect your first bloom, as it is so dependent on your individual conditions (light, temp, water) What I can tell you is that once it starts blooming, it should bloom for a couple of months. Remember, Jason Fisher is a sequential bloomer, which means that it will hold one, sometimes two perfect blooms for a few days and then drop them...which means that even then you might have a bloom free day...
good luck!

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orchid_ladycats(z7 MD)

Thanks again, Nicole. I'm familiar with the sequential blooming because of my experience with Hannah Popow -- it always seemed as if the next one was nudging the previous from its perch. Seems to me it didn't do that the first time it bloomed. I am so excited anticipating seeing the Jason Fischer bloom for the first time!!

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