Orchids 101?

rjingaSeptember 25, 2010

I just got some (what appear to be nice looking) plants from (dont laugh now) a grocery florist department. They wre marked down to like $5 each. They are in small pots and you can see that the roots are the majority of the container, so they need to be transplanted.

I have a greenhouse I could put them in and want to get them into new containers. But have NEVER had an orchid before, so a newbie 101 on how to get them better planted /potted up and what to use would be a great help.

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forgot the pics, per the tags on them says they are Phalaenopsis (remember I know nothing about orchids, except that they are very pretty and everyone you ask about growing them says EASY or IMPOSSIBLE..I'd like to think I have a green enough thumb to be in the successful camp. Pic 2 (above the cup, doesn't look so good, should the roots (if these are the roots) be under some medium?

picked up a few broms too that were pretty nice looking and full healthy plants.

And what about the one with the split leaf...is that bad?

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

First, congratulations on getting the nice orchid plants. Often the mark-downs are sick and these look fine except that they are near the end of blooming. That store will not bother to re-bloom them but would rather just get rid of them.

They don't need to be re-potted yet. Orchid roots are fine with being somewhat crowded so you have time to learn about them.

Look for an Ortho book among the garden books called all about orchids. Or get it online. In the meantime, these are shade plants, light needed but no direct sun. Water really well when you do water but let them start to get a little dry before watering again. NOT a little every day.

Here is a link that might be useful: All About Orchids on Amazon

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

I have a older paper back book All about growing Orchids,I find it helpful, but I learn more by coming here and asking question or just reading the threads or doing a search on what I'm looking for,I'm still learning about growing Phalaenopsis and having lots of fun learning.


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Good for you!!!! These are your guinea pig orchids, be patient. Orchids are EASY once you learn how to grow them, they are HARD if you're impatient for automatic results. Please do alot of reading from books you find , this site and web searches. You'll find tons of info to wade through. ginnibug

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

ginnibug, I don't have lots of window space for larger Orchids in the winter,I think I will stick to the Phalaenopsis for now,they seem to like the lighting there getting and growing fast,I know they won't bloom for me for a while but that's OK its all about learning, maybe in a year or two I might try my hand growing other types of Orchids, I've had my eye on some of the mini Cattleya,s thinking the might fit in with other Orchids, I'm still doing some reading about them.


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Update to my first posting: all the orchids died in my greenhouse. Discovered too late that the pots they were in did not have drainage, they were initially outside underneath an umbrella protected from direct sun, but not from rain before I moved them to the greenhouse.

live and learn...

Good news is that I'm going to try it ONE MORE TIME. Same store, same type of orchid, marked to $3 each! they are also just as healthy and in bloom.

I want to as soon as possible repot these, as they are in very small pots that seem to make them top heavy. No major health issues as far as I can tell with them.

I do have a question though, can these plants stay outside in a protected area? I have pesky cats that would bother them inside, not to mention NO where to put them.

Also one last question, was reading another posting and someone mentioned just spaghnum peat moss to plant them in, is this correct? no potting mix ?

thanks! again, and wish me (better) luck this time!!

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Go to your local Lowe's or HD and get some SM for orchids or a bark mix for phals. Either store should have both to choose from.

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