orchidnickSeptember 23, 2013

Cypripediums never before available are offered for the first time. Here is the communication for anyone who wants to make use of this.

- Dear friends and customers,

In the attachment file please find a Cypripedium price list that we would offer in winter. As we need to take out pre-ordered plants from our nursery before the soil is frozen, so the order dead line is 31st Oct. 2013.

A list for flasks and other plants would be released in November 2013.

Please feel free to give this PDF file to anyone that might have interest in.

For EU customers, we would deliver the plants in the next spring around Eastern time when we go to Dresden Orchid Show, for American customers, the deliver time would be in Feb. 2013 when we go to Paph Forum and San Francisco for the Orchid Show. Please read the following information before anyone would like to place an order:

1, How to order: Please refer the PDF price list file, and write to or for confirming availability, price and postage cost.

2, How to pay: We receive your payment via money transference to our bank account in Europe or Paypal account:, please notice that we do not share the bank transfer commission and if you pay by paypal, please add 3% commission fee, as paypal China charges us 6%commissions, so we share the cost with our customers.

For customers in the States, personal check is also acceptable, and the price would be converted into US$.
3, How to deliver:
I, Pick up and pay at the show site.
II, For the customers who do not go to the show, we would bring your ordered items over and send them to you.

Mrs. Wenqing Perner
Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology
Ms. Wenqing Perner
3-11-904, Yinduhuayuan, Xinguang Rd.8
610041 Chengdu, Sichuan

They have a price list with photos but the forum would not allow me to post it. On that list are the following rarities:

Cyp plectrochilum
C shanxiense
C farreri
C sichuanens
C bardolphianum
C Wenqing

While on the subject of Cypripediums I'm beginning to think of vernalizing (cooling in the fridge for their dormancy) and have noticed a few of them shooting up new shoots. That is totally contrary to what they are supposed to do. I talked to the grower at Raising Rarities and he suggests to let them do their thing rather than interrupt what appears to be a new growing cycle. If anyone has experience with Cypripediums growing at the wrong time of the year please share your experience, I'm baffled.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Some of them are very cool growers. I was once privileged to see a Cyp calceolus growing in northern England at the only site where it is still found* (making it the rarest wild flower in UK). It flowers late spring there but I was wearing a pretty thick flak jacket! - Ian. * It has been picked to death.

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