Orchid leaves snapped off!

cynelSeptember 15, 2009

I was repotting my dendrobium and accidentally snapped off the 3 new leaves that had grown in on a short stem over the summer!!! It's my first orchid and I was kind of devastated. Will the stem produce new leaves later on?

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Nothing to worry about, the plant is and will be fine. In the grand scheme of things that can go wrong, knocking off a few leaves here and there really isn't a big deal. If it's a new cane that's still developing, then it will make new leaves. If it's an old growth, it won't replace THOSE leaves, but eventually new canes will develop...not as a result, but the plant will continue to grow and develop just fine.

No need to be devastated :)

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Thanks for the good news! That's a relief :)

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