glennpatrick(5b)September 19, 2009

I bought a small orchid several years back and was told that it was Liparis Latifolia. However, since looking around at other flowering pictures, it seems unlikely that this is indeed the variety.

Can anyone identify this orchid?

The orchid is the one on the bottom of this post.

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Hey -
Your Liparis is absolutely a Catasetum (and well worth $10+ all by itself). A remarkably lovely flower. It looks like a hybrid, somewhat like Francis Nelson. In any case, probably some Ctsm. fimbriatum in it.
Getting it to bloom without knowing specific catasetum care, IMO, makes you genius *and* lucky!
Spectacular score!
Regards - Nancy

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

I love the Catasetum! Good growing! I was just looking at some of Royal Orchid 's offerings last night. His groups of 10 plants are now $40.00 + shipping. I haven't ordered because there's no pic of the plants, just a list of names. There are no catasetums in the group offerings.

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jerry_meola(SW Florida)

In case you do not know, the castasetum are deciduous orchids. It will lose all its leaves and look dead in a couple of months. Thi is its natural growing habit.

You should not water it during the winter, just enough to keep it from shriveling.

One easy way is to lay it on its side all winter, so that it only gets a little moisture at most.

When it starts to grow again you should water and feed weekly. It will grow to full size and flower quickly.

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I'll second Nancy: Without knowing what it is and what culture it needs (and its needs are specific considering it is deciduous and require hard winter rest), to get it to not only survive and thrive, but to bloom it is nothing short of incredible. Hats off to you, well done!

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OK, I have to laugh a little.

Saying that I am an amateur orchid grower would be a complete understatement. I only have about 20 orchids and my main goal is to not kill them.

I certainly didn't know that this orchid was deciduous. This particular orchid seems quite content in the abuse I give it in our home under florescent lights. I can't keep the humidity high enough to prevent some of my other orchids from losing their leaves during the winter and they aren't deciduous. :)

This orchid formed a new growth this past year and sent up three absolutely gorgeous spikes. Since the flowers fade fast, it was nice to have the additional spikes to prolong the beauty.

Thanks to everyone for the advice and helping me to solve my mystery.

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