orchid pots - where do you buy them?

kjlyttle(z10 FL)September 12, 2006

Hi everyone. I was wondering if you all used the orchid pots with all the holes in the sides? I have been looking for some on the web and all I can seem to find are the plastic Crackpots or some really expensive hand made ones. I grow most of my orchids outside handing under the coconut palms; and most of my orchids are phals and dendrobiums. I have two vandas and one cat.



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lunaticvulpine(socal 9-10)

well if youre looking for the clay one you can go to kkorchid.com they sell them there or you can take a trip to one of the big box stores i dont know if they all sel them but i know my local home depot sells them along with the nicer glazed ones as well
hope that helps


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chippybug10(z7 NJ)

Yea, kkorchid.com is great for supplies, especially those pots with the holes in the side. I've gotten the larger ones from them before, no problems whatsoever. I've never seen any clay pots with the holes at any big box stores, however, my local big boxes also don't sell the beautiful orchids I've heard some other people say they've seen; I've got ghetto big boxes :-(

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cat80(z6 NJ)

HD carries them but unfortunately now is not a good time to buy. I found that out last fall. But they have loads of them in the spring, including some very nice ones for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. You would have more of a selection at a HD with a garden center, especially the ones that carries orchids. Apparently not all HD sell orchids!
And if you're looking for clear plastic with side slots, try calwesttropical.com
Hope this helps.

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I've seen this done: buy plain clay pots and drill evenly-spaced holes in their sides with a cement bit. You may break a few on the way, but it's a cheaper way to get aerated pots, which are often sold at a higher price where I am (and also most times, not at all)

Snowpea in Montreal

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auger(z10 Miami,FL)

You might want to take a trip to Banjong Orchids. 17720 SW 218 ST in Homestead. I got these from them at the Fairchild Orchid Festival back in May(?). I think they were $10 a set, the one on the left had 1 smaller one, and the one on the right had 3 smaller ones. They were imported from somewhere in Asia. I don't have their #, but you may have a hard time talking to them unless you speak Thai, but you may get lucky and get someone who speaks english well enough. But they may be "what are you talking about" because I think they specialize in just orchids, and not orchid supplies. They may have just ordered the pots for the festival.

I don't know about the quality. As you can see, some parts are lighter then other parts, and they feel a little rough, but I dont know anything about clay pots. I haven't touched these since I bought them.

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There is a large selection of pots of all kinds at the place i work, lots of specially made orchid ones in there. that's where i get mine, and theyre 20% off woot

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Oh! Oh! I have the answer for you! Go to thrift shops. They usually have all kinds of containers (not just plant containers) and I often see ones with holes that'd be great for orchids and at a whole lot less money too.

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Check out www.quailcreekpottery.com for handthrown original stoneware orchid pots and trays. We make them in Olympia Washington.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quail Creek Pottery & Plants

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I buy my orchid pots with holes at Wally World and HD. You have to continuously look for them as they come in now and then and are gone right away. Off season is usually when they have them because they don't know the season.
I need more myself. Also, I have drilled holes in some other pots. Just go slow and don't push hard. A masonry bit will do the job well.


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Soak a clay pot in water long enough for it to be waterlogged, take a dermal tool or any other drill, and drill holes. Happy decorating. The key is to soak it, or it will break. L

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Good tip! I was wondering if their was a way to aerate my old clay pots. THANKS!

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