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orchidnickSeptember 22, 2009

There are several Thai vendors regularly offering plants on eBay. Some neat, hard to get stuff. CITES and Phytosanitary apparently is only GBP15 (Great Brittain Pound, GBP 1 = US$1.60) and shipping also does not appear to be much. I was quoted shipping cost of GBP35 for 25 plants which comes to about US$2.00 per plant, including paperwork the cost of bringing a plant in would be less than $3.00 which compares favorable to the usual shipping costs on eBay. I have an import permit which, by the way is free and easy to obtain.

I'm thinking of trying one of these guys, has anyone had experience with any of them?


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Since you already have an import permit and since you are experienced at using it, go ahead and order directly from a Thai vendor! If you need to meet a certain $minimum$ and you need some help, I'm sure that your local OS members would LOVE the thrill of sharing an order from a source country! That's been my experience with Brasilian orders.

Why fart around with eBay? Professionals are better when it comes to imports. You already know that!


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I agree with everything you said, I'm going to make contact through eBay but I'm sure they also have a shopping cart one could utilize. I won't need a partner as the $ amount will not be overwhelming. The real problem I have is that we are about to descend into Winter, I would need to land these plants in the next 3 to 4 weeks in order to give them half a chance to establish before the winter rains and temperature drop, maybe I'll wait until Spring.

My question relates to which of the three main vendors that I have seen sell on eBay would be the best contact. If some one asked me that question about Australian vendors I think I could give some advice at this time. I have zero experience with Thai vendors but, if no one else has either, will simply pick one and give it a shot. I have seen them advertise some neat stuff that I have never seen before at the shows.

Who was your Brazilian seller? I just bought a whole bunch of neat stuff from Ecuador, nothing one could not get at our shows but at a major reduction in price, no need to import either as they brought it and I picked it up the next time they set foot in the US. Email me for details if interested.


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Alvim Seidel, Orquidario Catarinense.
Corupa, Santa Catarina, Brasil.

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I noticed one of the vendors has a gold medal insignia.

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crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)

ttn-kingdom is the Thai seller who sent me that ryhn that got confiscated at JFK. My sister had bought it for me as a gift so she contacted them and got her money back with no hassle, but I never got the orchid.

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jerry_meola(SW Florida)

There seems to be a problem with improper certificates or lack of certificates from ebay sellers.

They also ship by mail and 2-3 weeks delilvery can happen. The plants are shipped bare root (or quarenteen will be required) and that long a shipment will do a lot of damage to bare root seedlings.

I had a firend order some and they were 100% dead and no paperwork although they were not confiscated. I think the vendors assume that most will get through without paperwork even though it is smuggling.

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