Spray Instruction Problems

venividiSeptember 21, 2009

I just saw this story in The New Zealand Herald. I thought others might be interested too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchid Grower Dumps Crop

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WoW! That's a sorry story for this individual. I don't want to comment about Bayer. There may be another side to this story. I look forward to further "news".

Thanks venividi for this report.


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Thanks, Stitz. If I hear anymore I'll post it. You could really feel his pain after building his business up and losing it like that. I'm sure he and the others will get compensation, but money alone can't compensate for the lost years of work and love and pride, and it sounds as if the industry has really taken a hard hit.

Perhaps it was just a simple case of inadequate information. There is always another side. Bayer seems to be acting responsibly in this.

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