Please look at my orchid and advise: repot or not

tomatotomataSeptember 6, 2012

I think this is a phal (the tage just says Anthura, which I think is a business name). I have had it for 3-4 years, in the same pot, in an office with no natural light. Each year it grows a new leaf. Never blooms.

Now I have it at home, where is it getting medium, no direct, light, and it seems to be happy. It has 2 tiny new leaves coming in.

So here's the question: should I wait to repot until after the 2 new leaves have grown in? Or can I go ahead now?

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I would repot it now. The sooner the better, if it hasn't been done for years. Remember if it has a small root system put it in a smaller pot just large enough to get the roots in.

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The leaves look well. So does the crown.
With seeing image of the plant and its media, I would repot the plant. For me, New Zealand sphaghum moss in a clay pot works well. The root mass will dictate the size of the pot. Trim any dead or decaying roots. A solution of SuperThrive or a vitamin B1 will help in restoring plant shock. Don't allow water to collect in the crown. Mist the plant in the morning or during the day (not night) to increase humidity. This will help promote root growth. Don't keep the growing media soaking wet.

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To get your plant to bloom place it in an area where it will receive temperatures between 55 - 60 for at least 2 weeks. Outside in a shaded area is great.

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You just need a difference of 20 deg. From day to night to produce bloom spike. Cooler at night of course.

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how long do you need to expose the plant to the 20 deg difference? a week ? a month? or until you see a spike?

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