Paphs with rusty-looking spots on leaves

symbie(7 Texas)September 20, 2009

I researched online to figure this out, and I found this website (linked below). The photos on this site are someone else's but the discoloration on their plant in the photo is perfectly identical to what I have on a couple of my own Paphs now. The responses I read there don't seem definitive as to whether it is a fungal or a mite problem.

Does anyone know what this is, and if so, what should I do?

Thank you so much!!


Here is a link that might be useful: spots on Paph leaves

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I don't know for sure but it looks like Rust to me. You should isolate any plants that have any sign of it. I don't know how to get rid of it so maybe someone else could help...

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donaldb(5B Worcester, MA)

The "rust" on the pictured leaves looks like permanent damage to me.

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ttkidd(Toronto ON)

Watch your plant carefully. It sounds fungal. I had something similar and the plant declined quite quickly. The dusty rust-like look morphed into dead brown spots which quickly spread over a period of a couple weeks. If this starts to happen it's not likely that any home remedies are likely to fix the problem. Even after pulling out the big guns (phyton/thiomyl) the progression only slowed.


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A Maryland orchid friend of mine with considerable experience reviewed the fotos. She is convinced that this damage is from spider mites. I am neutral.

Another opinion never hurts.


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symbie(7 Texas)

The affected plants are growing indoors in a light cart, so it is bright and the humidity is on the low side where they live. Yesterday I wiped a leaf with a damp paper towel and saw some faint yellow-orange residue. Does that suggest mites?

Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions.

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sweetcicely(S7 USDA9 No.CA)

Hi Sym,
Spider mites can be seen with a good magnifyer, loup, or stamp glass. They are tiny spider-like critters that scurry when disturbed. Some species, but not all, make fine spiderweb-like strands.

When I periodically wipe my orchids' leaves, the residue is sometimes grayish (dust?)and sometimes more yellowish (air pollution). Unless you see critter specks in the wipe, the residue is probably "normal."

I have one Paph--a mottle-leaved type. Any and all damage to it shows up in rusty orange, so I doubt that the color of your mystery damage is diagnostic by itself. It does, however look extensive and in need of attention.

If it were my paph and I could more or less rule out spider mites with a magnifying glass, I would first isolate the plants from all others, and then start a good anti-fungal treatment right away.


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symbie(7 Texas)

i just came from the light cart. I found a good magnifying glass, got up close to a pitted-orangey leaf and started hunting. After several minutes I was about to give up, but finally I saw tiny red-brown specks moving, and when I understood what to look for, I saw lots of them. I'm glad my daughter was away and didn't hear me!!
They are so very small!
Can anyone recommend a good miticide, or should I just run to HD and get what they have?

Thanks again for everybody's input!

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