coconut husk basket

inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)September 27, 2009

I want to make my own coconut husk or shell baskets, but I have a question. If I use the husks what do I need to do with them and how long do they last? My dad owns a fruit market and he gets coconuts all the time, since he has no use for the coconuts he discards them. I just gave him a call and told him to save the empty coconuts for me. Can someone help me with any suggestiond on how to make a basket? Thanks in advance.

Nae boston

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Hi Nae, glad to see you here, too. So it seems we all like to grow more than one kind of plants, huh?
I haven't made any coconut husk/shell basket myself but I've seen many baskets on sale here. Let me describe it see if you can follow.

I suppose you are talking about the dried shell, right? Well the "baskets" I've seen here are made of dried shell, clean of all the "white meat" (hope you know I say LOL). It has a drainage hole in the bottom and three holes on the upper edge where ropes are inserted to make the "hanger". Sometimes I've seen the "basket" have several drainage holes in the bottom. I suppose that basket is for orchids.

Next time if I see it, I will try to take a photo of it to show you.

Best of luck with your basket. Do show us yours when you finally have one made.


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inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)

Hi xuan,

Its nice to see a familiar name in here lol. Yes, so it seems that we share the same taste in plants. I will keep you posted when I get my baskets done and yes please lol, do get a pic of the basket you just mentioned to me. I just thought it would be nice to learn different ways to display the orchids and @ the same time keep them healthy. I can't find a lot of these things here in massachussetts (coconut husk chips, fiber and definately baskets made of coconuts). I do however, visit HD a lot and no luck. I did find some forest bark and repoted a dendrobium given to me by my mom. I will post pics tomorrow. Thanks for info xuan.

Nae boston

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