What to do after bloom?

newbi(NS z5)September 7, 2007

Well, my orchid was beautiful when in bloom. Bloomed twice - first time about five blooms and second flush was two blooms. Now what??? Haha. This is my first orchid. I bought it when in bloom. Now I just have this tall, straight stem. What is the next step? I presume I should be able to get it to bloom again but not sure how. Do I need to trim the stem? I am a TOTAL BEGINNER! Any help apprecitaed.


Also, can I trim those roots or do they have to stay and I plant up to a bigger pot?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

You need to find some complete cultivation notes that relate to growing conditions in Canada. Just google Phalaenopsis, growing or Phalenopsis, cultivation. There is lots of useful information to be found by just reading past Phalaenopsis threads on this forum. Put Phalaenopsis in the Search box at the top of the discussions page.

Cut the spike down to the base, do not repot, do not cut off the aerial roots or fiddle with the orchid in any way. Just apply good culture till next spring and monitor progress. The plant looks fine though perhaps it needs a little bit more light because the leaves are a deeper green than optimum. Good luck.

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I agree with Arthurm as far as the leaf color but it ends there. Too often, people are put off on this forum told to go read a book. Not everything you read is applicable in your situation. Why are people here if they seem so insulted by people asking for advice? Your plant looks okay for the moment but the leaves are dark(needs more light) and they do look a little floppy. I see there is a clear pot inside the other so you could take a picture of the clear pot and maybe we could see what is going on below.Could be underwatered, could be overwatered but no one can take an educated guess from your picture or a book.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I am not insulted by someone asking for advice, but what is the point of me typing out a complete set of cultivation notes, when they already exist on the net.
As it happens i wrote a set of cultivation notes for Sydney, Australia. They are probably useless for someone living in Canada. That is why i tried to point the way ahead for Lisa. which was to cut off the spike, do some research and to observe what happens for a while. Sometimes good advice is to do nothing much for a while.

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Yes, cut the spike off; it's spent. Use a sterile (please) blade (heat sterilize it) to cut the spike. Don't cut the aerial roots. Growing in Canada is like growing anywhere where you have to grow the plant indoors. I lived in Chicago for 16 years and grew all my orchids in my office window. I had a south facing window office with a nice window with a shelf to grow my orchids. Despite what they say about phalies not requiring a lot of light, all orchids like light. I would put my paphs and phalies right in near the window. In the winter, I would not let the leaves touch the window or it'll freeze. I put humidity trays on the window shelf and placed the orchids on them. They all thrived and bloomed twice a year. Now if you're living in near the arctic circle, I can't help you there, other than use artificial lights in the winter. People grow orchids indoors in Alaska.

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Reading and researching your plants is the most important part of growing. You need basic cultural information to make a successful start.

Arthurm is totally correct to advise you to research orchid growing in general. You need basic, cultural information which is given on this forum (Search, FAQ's), on the internet (Google), and from books (Ortho's 'All About Orchids').

Without knowing what zone you live, the environmental conditions the plant will live, etc., no one can be terribly helpful.

Do a little background work and come here with specific questions. You will enjoy the research and learn so much about growing these fascinating plants


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Why should anyone be "put off" by being given a tip on an excellent reference book? If they don't want to study orchids, they haven't been deprived one iota by getting the reference. If they just want a quick and easy paragraph on what to do, that's ok, but the truth is if that's all they get, even here, they are going to end up learning by trial and error with many plants biting the dust.

I'm with Arthur and Jane --complete culture notes to cover all aspects as well as all the things someone might misunderstand would take pages, and probably wouldn't even be read.

The short, quick answers newbies get to generic questions will often mislead an uninformed person, IMO. If they want their orchids to thrive, they will need to learn more than can be given in a paragraph here.

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newbi(NS z5)

Well, I didn't mean to cause such a stir! I just wanted some general advice that works for most orchids. I am not looking to go to the library and borrow a book nor buy one. I did indeed search the net before posting here but came across such conflicting information that I was at a loss.

Thanks to all of you as you all made some helpful suggestions. I will indeed place the orchid in more light as it is in a room that doesn't get much sun. My next step will be to cut off the stem with a sterile knife as suggested. Arthurm, what does 'good culture' mean? I have seen orchid mixes sold in stores. Should I apply some of this? I will take a picture of the inside clear pot and see what you think of the roots.

Thanks again everyone. I am indeed just looking for basic information and am not looking to go way out of my way or spend money on this plant. If I just know the basic care for this plant then it should do just fine. All my other plants do well.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Lisa, if orchid growing was as easy as some people suggest there would be no need for this forum. Good culture is providing conditions and doing things that will make the plant grow and flower. Sounds easy.

You are getting conflicting information because notes are written for various climates and conditions. For example, here, Sydney, Australia i would tell you to never, ever put your Phalaenopsis outside, but outside in Summer might be fine where you live.

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I apologize for causing such a stir. The point I was trying to make was that Lisa was asking for advice on "this" phal,not just culture for "any" phal.
Assuming a plant has had correct culture,you could continue that correct culture.But given the fact Lisa did take the time to post a picture and has the option to view the roots through the clear pot,why not try to guide her along. I have owned and read many an orchid book,but have still killed my share, information is conflicting to new growers. Readers here consider some of you folks the "pros" but this forum should be interactive,not treating someone like they should go back to kindergarten and not post until they have educated themselves.

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newbi(NS z5)

OK. Here are several pictures of the roots in the clear pot as well as pictures looking down into the pot. Does this help at all? I am cutting the stem in a few moments. I will water it and place it in a bright room as some have suggested the leaves appear to need more sunlight. Any other thought?


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Lisa, those roots look really good and healthy-that's the nice thing about clear pots:)Keep it in bright but indirect light ( I grow mine under lights in zone 5-Chicago)I have several pots like that and I only water every 10 days or so-when I can no longer see condensation.Good luck and happy growing!

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About your comment, and I quote, "... what is the point of me typing out a complete set of cultivation notes, when they already exist on the net."
Honestly, anyone can look up cultivation notes, ect. on the net, they come here for personal answers.
Well, then you are in the wrong place! This is a forum. Where people ask & answer questions. Not to be directed somewhere else. Maybe YOU need to be somewhere else. Whatever.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

It might be a forum, but I am not going spend ages doing one finger typing out complete cultivation notes that might be rubbish for the climate where you live.
So graciesusie where are you in the USA? Alaska?Florida?

AND, before you suggest people leave a forum, maybe you should do a little bit of research.Type arthurm into the search box at the top of the discussions page and review all 984 threads that come up.

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westoh Z6

graciesusie dug deep to pull this one up Arthur.

Seems she? must have been looking hard for something to complain about.


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Lol you can post 984 threads athrur but how helpful where you ....lisa the roots on that plant look really good

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