Any orchids bloom this time of the year? pictures please

olympia_gardener(5)September 7, 2012

Here is mine, the Spider Orchid just bloomed

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Very beautyful. Here is mine. White Phalaenopsis. I bougth it 3 weeks ago.

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x/IMG_3341.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"> Dora Louis Capen is almost finish blooming and others still have buds to open.

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A couple more, a>

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I am so sorry that I haven't figured out haw to put pictures onto the computer yet but I have to learn.....

I've had a twinkle blooming since the spring, and my Paph. Primcolor 'Three Monkeys' has been blooming about the same. My Dga. Dark Star is blooming (I'm truly surprised it's still alive!). I have some buds on the walkeriana cross and a good bit of sheaths on my other catts but other than that...oh my Zygo. Louisendorf is blooming too,and a Neo. just finished.

I am not going to complain once ,because looking back, I have had something or other blooming on or off all

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My cattleya bowringiana is blooming pretty good right now.

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molie(z6 CT)

Just 3 are blooming now. We keep our orchids outside on a covered, shaded deck all summer long. The yellow one in the second pic has blooming for about a month now. Usually they don't bloom until we bring them inside in late fall. But starting last year many of ours have bloomed twice a year --- in the summer and then in the winter. Don't know why!

Here's a 'group' photo that shows the Phal in front.


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Hi, gals/guys thanks for sharing your pictures. Fin, I love the color and line, the verticle green palm leaves behind white horizatal Phal, very artistic resentation. Hi, Shirley, my goodness, Tx heat does grow beautiful flowers. I was thinking the late summer and early fall is kinda boring months in Chicago, not many flowers out blooming . I was exctied to see my spder orchid bloomed. I love your Catts, large size flower, great colors. What is the name of orchid on your second picture that is pale gren and pink blush on the edge? I love its delicate shape and soft color. All are surely beauties.
Fresh-tea, Ooh, I love the purple color, a lots of purple flowers! Your orchid is in such good size, healthy looking. You must have been taking good care it. Molie, I noticed my orchids started to shift blooming time too. I initially thought was due to I divided the plants up, which disturbed their cycles. But some of my established plants seem wanting to flowers earlier. My Twinkles have spikes 8" high now, ready to bloom in a month or so. it usually bloom around Dec-Jan.; My Sharry Baby , two pots bloom in differnt scheduel. One bloomed this summer, and another one has spikes about 6" long tall now. It should bloom in two month around Oct-Nov. They were from same mother plant; is it the sun ray changed somehow, or else. I can't amke any sense out of this crazy blooming schedule changes...
Ginnbug, still waiting for yours...

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My second photo pale green with pink edge is a NOID Dendrobium. Thanks for starting this thread. I really enjpy seeing all the photos of beautiful orchids.

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