When to bring a phalaenopsis inside?

dbrowne(7a/DC)September 10, 2012

I received a phalaenopsis eariler this year (no flowers), and put it ouside durning the summer. The weather at night now is getting cooler (Z7a). What is the lowest nighttime tempurture should I chance leaving this orchid outside?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I think it is about 50F.

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50 is the absolute lowest. I leave my phal out until it drops below 50 F. But I believe 55 F is the recommended low temp.

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Do I start to fertilize at this time, after I bring it in? A complete fertilizer, or a bloom booster?

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I recently purchased my first orchid. I have been doing research on it, and everything I've read says the minimum temperature is 60. I am sure people on here know from personal experience. I just wanted to pass along what I had read. I am going to try growing mine indoors and keeping the temperature above 60 at night.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

That information is correct, the recommended low is about 15C. But the question was "when to bring inside" Just say the cold night was a one off and day temperatures continue to warm, then perhaps the plant might be better left outside. Lots of perhapsers in the orchid growing world.

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westoh Z6


I live in zone 6, been getting into the low 50's here. My phals sit under an eave so they stay a little warmer than the 'recorded' temps. I feel safe leaving them out until it hits the upper 40's for several nights in a row. A lot of hybrids like that nightime drop in temps (@15-20 lower than daytime highs) to initiate spikes. At this time of year, use a bloom booster fert on phals, but you should fert weakly/weekly all year long anyhow.

Good luck,


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When I grew Phals in NY, they always began to spike in Sept. I left them out until the night temps 'held' under 55F. A few cool nights never hurt them.

This is my first year living in Fla. and I have no idea when the temps drop. It is still so warm and very humid. I only have 2 phals left, as the others rotted away over the summer. Not an ideal environment for Phals. They seemed much happier up north!


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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Jane, you are looking at the very end of Nov at the earliest. Of course there can be a cold front come in for a few days during the winter. I used the Tampa area for your average temps chart.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tampa temps

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westoh Z6

The dance has started...
Got down to the mid-upper 40's here Saturday and Sunday night, so I brought in my 15 violaceas and violacea crosses. Supposed to be in the low 40's here the next 2 nights, so I'll bring in the rest of the warm growers (@30 phals/others) this evening. Warms back up later in the week and then drops into the mid-40's again this weekend, gonna be fun hauling 'em in and out for the next few weeks. Plus, I'm only on week 2 of a 3 week bug treatment plan, so I need to get everything out for at least one more good dunking/spraying of Bayers before bringing them in for the winter.


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Orchids and all house plants that are outside for the summer should be brought in the house before the furnace is turned on.

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