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aachenelf z5 MplsSeptember 18, 2009

I love hearing about what's happening in other parts of the country/world - weather-wise that is.

All the plants are still outside since our normal July weather decided to appear in September this year. There's only a minor cool down in the immediate future, so it looks like the plants stay outside for some time yet. Normally they've all been carted to the sunporch by now. If it would only rain. Please rain. We really need rain bad.

Kevin in toasty Minnesota

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Rain? My rainwater tank is empty, the clouds come over and a couple spits fall. That is the problem with living in a dry Continent.

Flower wise, lots in bloom and every one is wringing their hands saying there will be nothing in bloom for the spring show held in the third week of October.

That is the last show of the season for the numerous orchid societies around these parts. Season starts May, finishes October.

Back to the weather, season is about to change as the arid westerly winds abate and the winds turn more east and come in from the Pacific.

Seasonal orchids to be seen at shows.
May. Main Genera. Autumn flowering Cattleya Hybrids
August/September. Cymbidiums, Australian Native Hybrids
October. Sarcochilus. Softcane Dens

Current weather at 6:41 am Outside 10C Humidity 94% It is going to be sunny, Sea Temp for those that like sand and salt water (yuk) is 18C.

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Mine are all still outside here in the Hudson Valley of NY. Under a roofed back patio deck. They will remain there until it gets close to freezing. Around mid October give or take a week. With my Thanksgiving cactus' and carnivorous plants.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

If it doesn't stop raining here in Pensacola, both myself and my orchids are going to drown! Some days have been gray and wet, others have had a couple hours of sun and then gray and wet. I've had to put a bunch of my orchids into the greenhouse just to dry them out a bit.

But although the daytime temperatures, at least for a while, got very pleasant - unseasonably in the 70s -- it is back to hot again at midday, around 80-85F. But every now and then the breeze carries a hint of autumn. Difficult to believe we are only about 45 days until first frost, which means I have to get shaking and finish replacing some rotten plywood on the GH before I have to turn the heaters on.

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larger range of temperatures from day to night. Going to be about 100 next monday. This monday it was 70 and rained the night before. Always hate putting everything back inside, there is so much less light, and my room mate's cat has a propensity for eating leaves. Hopefully the pachypodiums finally get her.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Hi. Here in SW Texas we're scheduled to get our first 'Norther'. We'll have a drop of night temps down into the mid 60's for a few days, higher 60's for remainder of the week. And we HOPE this system brings some rain!

Sake of silence...where are you located? I'm glad our triple digit temps are behind us!!! Perhaps if you give that cat a pot of grass placed near your orchids it'll choose to feast on it instead of your plants. My cats chew away on the tips of a ponytail plant...so I must pot up some grass too and see if I can change their munching habits.

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I changed my cats munching habits permanently by spraying their favorite plants with Bitter Apple. I've been using it for a few eons; it works!


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I'll second the bitter apple suggestion.

Here in DC/MD, I'd describe it as fall setting in. A couple trees have begun to change and the temps are not entirely stable. It was upper 60's for the daytime high around thurs and friday, and this weekend its been upper 70's and absolutely gorgeous! Feels like summer today and yesterday!

Nighttimes have cooled some now, lower 60's. rain has been relatively scarce though we did get a few drizzles here and there towards the end of the week. Like Tommy, my plants will all be coming in from my balcony when the temps get near freezing, with the exception of maybe one or two that will come in sooner. I think last year it wasn't until mid-november that they came in! Love this time of year. You can never really predict whats going to happen from day to day, weather and temp wise.

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