Fav Ebay vendor comes thru again!!!

Sheila(8b SW Texas)September 16, 2009

No, not buying rare $2000. plants. But ruebeninorchids sells healthy robust plants. I've had three or four transactions with him over the past couple years and have never been disappointed. Since I'm on a strict budget, I watch his auctions regularly. This time I actually got my plants for the opening bid. His customer service is great, shipping is very quick and fairly priced. I am a happy customer!

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

It was at Ruben Sauleda's in Miami that I saw a flasking setup for the first time, somewhere back around the mid-1970s. He's been in business a long time. Great guy; you can buy with confidence. He is also, in my opinion, 'the' expert on Caribbean species.

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I've never tried to bid on anything from this ebay vendor. I'll have to look him up. I've been winning many plants From Kawamoto orchid nusery recently a lot of them at minimum bids $9.99. I guess you can get orchids really cheap when a Vendor like Kawamoto orchids post 350 auctions a week (insane amount). I've been really pleased with the size of the plants, they are Huge, robust and mature plants. For $9.99 I do not think you can go wrong. They send it out on Monday (Fed Ex) and I get it here Weds. It's kind of like Christmas every Weds. Yes, I've been going overboard but its fun and cheap for the most part. I've convinced myself never to buy orchids over $50 now! I also buy from a few other vendors, but the size, health, quality, service, and PRICE of the plants from Kawamoto can't be compared.

Here's the link to there ebay store:http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Kawamoto-Orchids__W0QQ_armrsZ1

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The problem with Kawamoto is high shipping rates. After the first plant each additional is $7.50 so the cheapest plant you are getting is setting you back $17.50. He has beautiful stuff, I have been buying from him for over 11 years.


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Don't you hold plants with them? I read your other ebay comments that Ebay vendors hold plants for you and then combine shipping at larger discount rate , after you win a certain amount of plants. Well The Kawamoto's usually give me a little extra off on the shipping. Maybe because I win about 5-10 auctions a week (crazy I know). But they are very reasonable, and the Fed Ex service is really Great (2 days guarantee, even during the Busy Christmas Holiday season). I figure that most of the cattelya's I buy, must way at least 1-2 pounds + stand 14-22" tall, and don't fit in a USPS flat rate shipping box. Remember you pay for what you get! I get tremendous service with them....

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

You can buy directly off of Kawamoto's website and combine all the plants you want into one shipping charge. You may pay a dollar or two more per plant (assuming you can always win one on Ebay for $9.99), but you will save a bunch on shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kawamoto Orchids

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Thx CJ. I used to buy from Kawamoto & know their plants are fabulous! But yes, their shipping chgs on ebay are high. I'll try their webpage.

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reiddy99, you are right, I bid all month and then pay the beginning of the next month saving on shipping. Not only that, but my Social Security check arrives at that time, goes out for orchids and I eat dog food for the rest of the month. Many vendors are open to an arrangement like that if they know you. EBay is OK as their plants start at $9.99 which is less than their web page. Its good to know what you can buy the plant from the web page as it makes no sense what so ever to bid a plant up to $15 if they list it on their web page for $12.

Their catt hybrids are outstanding, none better, I buy mostly species.


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WhtRos(USDA z5a IL)

granniek, I tried to look up "ruebeninorchids" on eBay but had no luck. Does he have a store or do you know his seller ID? Have you (or anyone else) ordered from Bardavo or Larry's orchids? I haven't actually ordered or bid on anything b/c am concerned about what I am actually going to get. It looks to me that you have to be awful careful. They show beautiful pictures but its not always clear whether you are getting a seed-grown cross or a mericlone. Barbara

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crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)

here they are...

Here is a link that might be useful: ruben in orchids ebay

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Hi Barbara. I didn't realize that he used a different eBay name, try topmacsniper. I'll try to post the link. I've never ordered from Bardavo, but have from Larry's. Larry's plants ARE seedlings, but his customer service was good when I bought from him. I'm just not good at growing seedlings, so no longer bid on his auctions. You are right that you must be very careful. Do ask questions, # of psbs, height of plant, how long before you can expect blooms & whether seed-grown or mericlone. Do a google search for the particular plant and see if it's available elsewhere and get more info on the specific plant...see if it's one that will do well for you. Here's a link (I hope) to one of Rueben's current auctions.


Have fun & happy shopping. Another thought, I'm not sure about other sellers, but Rueben has many of these basket & 4" potted plants. If I don't win an auction, chances are he'll list another same plant the next week.

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I have bought from Larry's orchids and have them bookmarked on my list of 'Vendors to watch'.


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lindakay(zone 5)

I have ordered from Bardavo and Larry's just this week. The packing and the plants from Bardavo are excilent. I was very disapointed in the ones from Larry's. The packing was bad. When I got them the bark had fallen out and they were bare root by the time I got them. Had to repot them all.The plants were very small. I'll not order from them again.
I joined the orchid club with Kawamoko. Has anybody ever joined an orchid club?

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Don't really buy from ebay. I have some (Andy's, Parkside, Mountain and Santa Barbara) that I order all of mine from. I recommend them to anyone.

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symbie(7 Texas)

Last time I checked one of Larry's auctions, he didn't provide a plant photo. That is a rule I will very seldom break, only if I know the seller will I purchase a plant sight unseen.

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I just received a shipment from Larry's orchids & I have to say this is the last time I will order from them. They take no time in pkging. I received all mine tossed in a brown bag. A big mess. This is the 3rd time I have had a problem with their pkging. I guess they just don't care if it arrives in good shape.
Kawamoto is a great seller. Very healthy & never received a bad orchid from them.
I just started to order some different orchids from Thailand. They are cheap & nice sizes(from the photos). Hopefully they arrive in good shape since they will be in shipping for a while til they get here.
Has anyone else ordered thru ebay from one of the thai sellers?

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You just have understand that if you order from Thailand, your plants can be confiscated by US officals. Unless, of course, you paid for the import/cites certificate.

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I ordered a Ryn.Giantea seedling from Thailand, and it arrived "dead in the box".I fully expected that, but for $10 I was willing to take the chance, not again though ....

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