Phal. blasting buds

heth(6)September 28, 2009

The first two buds have shriveled and fallen of. How can I save the last one?

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Heth, when a spike starts dropping buds you usually cannot stop it from dropping all of them, at least in my experience. My advice is to find out why they blasted in the first place( ex. extreme temperatures, too little/much water not enough light, low humidity and so forth).

It's a shame, it's a pretty one.

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sweetcicely(S7 USDA9 No.CA)

The only times I have had Phal buds blast have been times when

1) I have allowed direct sun on the buds (they are very tender), or

2) I have waited just one day too long before watering.

Moving the plant or screening the buds from direct sun will stop the first kind of blasting, though the damage can be extensive.

The second kind of blasting, if caught right away, results in the loss of only one or two buds, at most. Watering has always corrected the problem for me, and reminds me to be careful to water a spiked Phal a day sooner than I would a Phal in vegetative growth only.

Is either of these scenarios applicable to your situation?
I'm so sorry you are losing buds--I hate when that happens!


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The orchids are in a temporary home while I work on a nice new display case for them and aren't really getting enough sun.(They're in a sun room on the north side of the house)
I recently lost a few to root rot so I'm probably being a bit overcautious with watering:)

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