New to orchids....won 6 on ebay

irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)September 27, 2010

HI, i just won these orchids on ebay, from Kawamato.

Pot. Diane Meyer "Clarrisa"

Perreiraara Motes Leprechaun "Haiku Mint! MINI Vanda

Blc. Hawaiian Passion "Carmela" Fragrant 1 new lead!

Bc. Little Marmaid 'Janet' Robust Growing!

Blc. Clown Show "Hawaii"

Sc. Fairyland "Ai"! New Miniature Clone!�

I have lots of orchid books that I took out of the library...but can someone tell me by looking at these names what type of light/humidity they like?

And can someone tell me where i can get an inexpensive tray to put pebbles/water on to increase the humidity for the ones that like high humidity.

Most of these will be close to a south window -- bright light lovers will go on a large windowsill in south window, others will go on coffee tables near south windows. Do these all need to go on the trays with the pebbles/water? And one last thing...

the mini Vanda -- do you think that will do well in a West window in my kitchen? It's in a hanging basket and I already have a hook near the kitchen window.

What's a "lead"?

And lastly, will a table top fountain running near the orchids help with the humidity instead of the trays of water?

thank you,


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These are all fairly tough customers. All like lots of light. Water them once a week and give them as much light as is possible. Add less than 1/2 strength fertilizer to the water. I would not worry too much about humidity, their roots (except the Vanda) will be inside the pot. The Vanda maight have to be watered more than once a week, if there are a lot of free roots, mist them daily.

You should get nice flowers,


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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Hi Maureen. Kawamoto is a very good vendor. I have a few of his plants too. Had I seen the leprechean, I might have been bidding against you ;) I had one for about four years, really enjoyed it. With a vanda you want to be careful about getting water down into the leaf axils, especially late in the evening.

A 'lead' is a new growth. Cattleya, if they are mature enough, should bloom on the newest growth.

Like Nick, I don't worry that much about humidity. I have my indoor plants sitting on trays of pebbles though mainly a convenience to catch water that runs thru the pots when I water. Run lots of water thru the catts, then let them go almost dry before watering again. It's better to err on the side of dryness than over-watering.

Happy growing. Sheila :)

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Welcome to this crazy addiction! You have all 'high-light' plants. Lots of sun which is in short supply in winter. They should do okay and you might get flowers from those new leads (growths.)

I know there is a very active LI Orchid Society and you should look them up. You'll enjoy it and learn lots of tips from people growing in your area. Usually the Orchid Societies meet once a month and have vendors selling supplies and you can get good plants cheap.

I think its the Greater Long Island Orchid Society. Look in your Sunday paper as they usually post their next meeting.

Good luck,

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Jane's advice is great! Wish I'd found our OS years ago. I have to drive over 45 mi to get there, but I attend most every month. We are having a well known grower of cattleyas as our speaker next week. I've pre-ordered two plants from him. In November we have our annual auction sale...really great fun!

'Google' the name or go to AOS website and check for a list of societies.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

One of the best features of an Orchid Society is that when you talk to people there about your collection, their eyes don't glaze over like family members and co-workers sometimes do.

Also, you can see what grows well in your area. Not all orchids grow everywhere no matter how hard one tries.

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The raffle table of a society is also one of the best ways to get inexpensive good quality orchids.


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

This is such great, helpful info -- thank you all for helping me with my new plants.

They actually arrived yesterday,and all look good except for one. I will post pics later to see if anyone can tell what is wrong with the leaves.

I am definitely going to check into my local orchid society.
thanks for all these tips.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Maureen, without seeing a pic of your plant or a good description it's hard to tell you if something is wrong with the plant. You should write to Kawamoto...they are absolutely great about answering questions and if something is indeed wrong with the plant I would think they'd 'make it right' for you. I don't buy a lot of plants, but I always bid in good faith on K auctions. His plants and customer service have a very good reputation.

Tell us the name of the plant and what seems wrong with it.


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Kawamoto is one of the best vendors. If there is really somewthing wrong with the plant, he'll replace it. Which one is it and what seems to be wrong?


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Hi Maureen,

I've been a member of the Long Island Orchid Society for over 20 years, am currently its secretary, am would love to invite you to our next meeting on Thursday, November 11th in Lynbrook.

You can find all the information on our website at:

or Facebook page:

The speaker is Glen Decker from Piping Rock Orchids.
The topic is âÂÂHow to Grow Great Slipper OrchidsâÂÂand Glen is taking preorders for the meeting.
His website is

Welcome to the world or Orchid Growing and I hope you can make it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Long Island Orchid Society Website

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