Size does not matter. or does it?

orchidnickSeptember 21, 2009

My Dendrobium speciosum var grandiflorum produced the longest lead so far. From origin to leaf tip it measures 39". Looking around the orchid area I found 2 Cymbidium leaves checking in at 50". No long flowers at this time.

Who has the longest?

Let us know your measurement, I suggest 4 categories:

1) Growth plus leaf

2) Leaf only

3) Growth, leaf and inflorescence

4) Inflorescence only

In know in category 4 there are some vandaceous types with bisexual flowers on 7' to 10' inflorescence. If anyone has a fully developed Grammatophyllum speciosum he will be 'King of the Hill' In category 1. I have seen Cymbidiums with leaves that make mine look like a pygmy.

Ladies, don't be shy, get out the measuring tape and let us know what you have, even if it's only in your dreams.


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1) 24" = Growth plus leaf
2) 19" = Leaf only
3) 30" = Growth, leaf and inflorescence
4) 29" = Inflorescence only

I don't have any really large orchids. Mine are mostly small:)

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crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)

how about root thickness size? Just the other day I saw a root on a rhyn that was the thickest I've ever seen...about the thickness of my finger. But I am not climbing that tree to measure it, lol.

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I have a Dendrobium helix. Its tall.

It goes into the rafters, the bench is about 38", I think the rafters start at about 8'. Its probably like 6 ft tall.

Then there is this.
Maybe 12 feet tall?

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Forgot about using non html

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"Forgot about using non html"

How do you do that? I can't figure out how to post pics. without making a link!

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jerry_meola(SW Florida)

I had a Brassia Fangastaic a couple of years ago with two spikes 58 and 46 inches each with 8 inch flowers.

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