Orange Phalaenopsis????

counselor4444(6A NJ)September 3, 2008

I'd like to get a true orange phalaenopsis. (Not a pale apricot or a salmon) I've seen online the Ascps Jiaho Orange. Does anyone have this? Is it a true orange? Does it stay orange? Or does it fade? This is also a mini phal right? (I'm not sure if I want a mini/compact or a regular size) And how does care for an Ascps differ from a phal?

And are there any others out there? TIA!


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Charm(Z8 TX)

Have you tried looking at Normans Orchids? usually has all the latest ones.~Charm

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jamcm(Ottawa Area, Canada)

I have the cross. It looks more orange than anything I've seen so far, but it still has a bit of a coral overcast. As for growing it... Asconopsis is a cross between an Ascocentrum, which needs high light, and a Phal, which needs medium-low light. That's one confused plant! I haven't had mine that long, but there are reports that other Asconopsis are slow growers and often a problem to bloom.

Hope this helps.


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philohela(z8 Las Vegas)

Is this the correct shade of orange? Baldan's has this for sale on eBay:

In any case, it sure caught my eye...


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counselor4444(6A NJ)

Thanks guys. yeah, i saw the one on ebay. considering...

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I have that one on my "wish list" at Normans...

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This one IS orange but segues to reddish at the bottom. Reminds me of embers in a fire . . . oh . . guess that's where it got its name !!! LOL !

P. Shenandoah Fire 'Ember'


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