day of week your society meetings

ron_tacomaSeptember 14, 2009

Some months ago I asked this forum as to your meeting days. Some had said they did it on weekends. We have a lot of senior citizens and they don't like driving at night. Here in Washington State in the rainforest that can be difficult in the winter. we were thinking on Saturdays in the winter and then Tuesday in the Spring. In the winter it is dark at 4pm the summer it doesn't get dark till after 9pm.

We did try a couple of Saturdays put I did not see any increase in attendance in fact is was a decrease.

The people that were not there on Saturdays were the people who do the work at the club. The people who move the chairs and tables around and help set up and tear down. These are also the people who have children and grandchildren want to be with them on the weekend. Plus house hold chores are done on the weekends

We took a vote at the last meeting and the majority won to keep it on a Tuesday night.

One person who keeps on insisting on Saturday's is a recent arrival from California she tells me that all the garden clubs she was in in California meet on a Saturday.

We meet on a Tuesday night in the basement of a church.

What day do you meet and where is your meeting held??????

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Hi Ron,
Have a look at the various Society meeting details in the link. Different Country and different Climate but there must be a common reason for the preference to meet during the week.

Here is a link that might be useful: NSW, Australia, Orchid Society meeting details.

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Sunday afternoons in a meeting hall

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Manhattan Orchid Society - Second Wednesday of the month, every month except July and August.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

First Tuesday evening of each month, unless there is a hurricane. During July, we meet on a Saturday instead for our annual orchid auction.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

The two I go to meet on Tuesday evening, different ones of course. 7:30 works well for most working folks.

Whatever you decide, do it year round the same. People don't like to have to figure out if there is a meeting. Also, be wary of those who say "I'd come if...." because in my experience that they don't.

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Third Tuesday each month. The following Monday is a 'Hands on' meeting where you can develop your orchid care skills.So technically, we do two meetings a month. Both in the evening, seven o'clock.

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Thanks for your response it will help. Arthurm really appreciate the info you sent me.
Our meetings start with a beginners class or forum at 6:30 pm. At 7pm we have our guest speaker. After that we have our show and tell. We give a $5 gift certificate for the winner of Species specimen and Hybrid speciemen. Then take a break serve refreshments and sell raffle tickets. After the break we announce winners of show and tell and draw raffle ticket winners. Usually have at least one flowering orchid bought at Trader Joes. Last meeting I took 8 subdivisions to put on the raffle table.
. Then have our business meeting. Guest speakers can stay or leave Or any guest can stay or leave.
I think we are pretty well organized we have plenty of show appearances during the year. And I have given orchid talks to various groups
We are haveing a recruiting problem but that is the same problem every flower or garden groups are having. All we can do is keep on trucking.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Our young OS also meets on the first Tuesday, 7:00 in the evening, February - December.

I like your schedule of starting 30 min. early with a Beginners Class. Since we were a very small club, we've really been working at 'recruiting' and now have as many newbies as we have 'old timers'. I'll have to mention this to our Executive Board for consideration.

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argusdc(Zone 7, DC)

Monday night for years and years. People complained about night driving and a majority voted to move to Sunday afternoon a year ago. Attendance has dropped ever since. Now considering moving it back to Monday nights.

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Main Society I belong top meets 3rd Friday of the month at 7PM. The following Tuesday there is a 'Board' meeting which takes just as long. Attendance is very good.

I also belong to a 'Species Club' which meets on the 2nd Sunday at 2PM. I have wanted to join them for many years but found Sunday afternoon an irritating time for this kind of activity. Family affairs usually take precedent on a Sunday. I finally capitulated and started going there. Their attendance is much less than the other society but I have no idea if this is because of the time of their meeting, they seem perfectly happy with their schedule and would totally resist any changes.

What they do which makes so much sense to me is to have their 'Board' meeting immediately after the general meeting, the board members only shred one day of the month instead of 2 as is the case in most other societies.


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penelope14(5 WI)

The Wisconsin Orchid Society (in southeastern Wisconsin) have their meetings the first Sunday of the month (barring holidays or other societies holding a show). We meet in the basement of a church and meetings start around 1 p.m. There is ribbon judging before the meeting and treats are donated by members.

The only Saturday meeting we have is in August. Then we meet at Oak Hill Gardens where they generously provide a great lunch and a wonderful talk by Hermann Pigors. The greenhouses are usually stampeded through before the meeting :)


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