Repotting in Septmber???

catlover_gardenerSeptember 7, 2012

I bought a no ID cattleya from a nursery yesterday for half price $17 because the huge purple flowers had come to an end.

I expressed concerns about repotting and she told me I could put the existing pot in a larger pot and fill the space between with media and it wd continue to grow into the other pot, as the roots were already over the rim.

Since the potting season is over should I do this or can I just shake off the old media gently and fill in with new media. Not a full repot just a little sprucing up.

Thing is, it is so huge; I dont want to lose it.

Or just leave it? It has about 14 pbs, large stiff leaves and looks really healthy. Sorry it had no tag so I cannot identify. Just finished blooming some large burgundy flowers.

Please advise me what to do.


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Sounds like a beauty! I would do as the nursery said. I do it all the time, even with plastic pots. You shouldn't have much going on with root growth now, so I think you could do the 'pot in pot' to hold you until Spring. Then you could do a real repot.

Sometimes, if concerned about the potting media, I turn the plant upside down and shake as much potting media out and just freshen up with some new wood chips. This will save the roots which cling to the inside of the pot.

Post some photos...


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orchid126(z6, NJ)

Great suggestions above. Or you could "pot up". In this
process you knead the pot to loosen the roots from the sides, slip the rootball out of the pot,
and without disturbing it slip the whole shebang into a slightly larger pot and fill fresh soil firmly around the edges.

One thing. Check the root tips. If they're green then it
would be okay to do a full repot. I have a few cattleys
that grow new roots at this time of year and should be
repotted now rather than in the spring.

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Tis is what I did. I slipped it out of the pot and looked at roots, which were white and healthy looking.

Then I put it in a larget basket and topped up with fresh media. It is now looking fine.

Not a moment lost
Thanks everyone. I am happy and it now raining in South Miami

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